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Thread: Any stories to tell about your last purchase of diapers?

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    Default Any stories to tell about your last purchase of diapers?

    I do! My last attempt to restock my supply of diapers sure has a nice story that comes with it.

    I've always wanted to get some Molicares again, so I decided that this week would be the ideal time to do it, and I wanted a whole case. Problem is: Most online companies just stick the address label on the original box and send it off, so I had to make sure that I am home myself to receive the package. When I get individual bags, or order from the good ole Save Express online store, which offers discreet shipping, it's not that big of a deal when I'm not at home - someone else in my house (8 apartments, all of them filled with people 70 or older ) will just take delivery of the package for me. But having a package with MOLICARE and "Incontinence pants" printed all over it delivered to a nosey 70 year old woman who may even know what Molicare sells? Heck, no! So today was the day, as I was home all day anyway!

    The cheapest online seller for Molicares happens to be an online pharmacy located in my city. So I called them yesterday and asked if they had the Molicares in stock and would send them out the same day. The woman on the phone said they would, so I placed my order. I got the usual order confirmation...but no shipping notice. I kept checking my email half a dozen times last night - nothing.
    So as soon as I woke up this morning. I called the pharmacy and they confirmed that they had, indeed, not sent out my package yesterday. :badday: "Damn", I thought, "There goes my diaper supply!" However, the lady from the pharmacy promised to call me back and work something out. I offered to just come and pick up the package, as their warehouse is only about 5 km away and easy to get to by public transport. She agreed, and I jumped on the streetcar/tram to get to that place. When I arrived, I made it known who I was and that I wanted to pick up my stuff. They quickly got my box, apologized for the inconvenience they had caused (even got a 5 EUR off coupon for my next order), handed me a whole bag full of samples of various medical products and I was out the door again.

    So there I was, holding a big box of diapers waiting for my streetcar/tram. And yes, the box was screaming "Molicare" and "incontinence pants". So I hid the box as best as I could on the streetcar, trying to shield it with my body. HOwever, I had to transfer to another streetcar at the city's most busiest interchange station. So I just grabbed the box, thought "screw it" and marched around downtown to the proper stop for my streetcar home.
    And I tell you what: FOr a product that people decribe as "fluffy", diapers are damn heavy! I was sweating like a pig when I finally arrived back home (had to carry the box the 9 minute walk from the streetcar stop to my house).

    And this is what I got:

    The two small bags in the front came were two free samples they gave me.

    So I scored
    - 56 Molicare Super Plus medium
    - 4 Molicare Super Plus medium (samples)
    - a 5 EUR off coupon
    - various other samples
    for just 37 Euros ($55)...and the embarrassment of walking around downtown with a box of diapers!


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    about a year and a half ago my school took the kids who were doing very well in their classes on a trip to the jelly belly factory in fairfield, CA. Anyways days before that I ordered my first ever bag of Abena X-plus from XP medical. So I got to go to the jelly belly factory and buy two bags of belly flops 2.5 pound bags of jelly beans that did not meet standards in looks. Then I got to eat at Red Robbin for free and when I got home my dad told me my package (diapers) came.

    That was a pretty sweet day, of course that wasn't my last time buying diapers but it surely was the best.

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    Nothing eventful came out of my one purchase. Just went to a Food Lion store further away from the one where we usually do groceries, and my daughter works, just to be safe. Maybe next time I'll try for a little more excitement.

    Have to say, I wouldn't mind carrying a case of diapers home if I got a nice tram ride out of it.


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    Good exercise Peachy, before you know it you'll be working your way into small diapers.

    And Molicare's... don't think I'll get those again myself. They play up with my eczema for god-knows-what reason. Annoying as all hell.

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    The last time I decided to buy them from a hospital supply store rather than order them offline was a great experience, there is a supply store not to far from work that I have always bought my diapers at and really didnt think anything about it at all. There was a new sub shop that moved in a few doors down from the supply store. So when I came out of the supply store with the package of diapers in my hands there were a couple of the guys that I work with comming out of the sub shop. They asked me what I was doing with them, luckily everyone at work knew about my father recently having a stroke and I told them that i was just there picking them up for my mother. They accepted that and nothing more was said about it, but I was quite painiced for a moment there.

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    I gave up a long time ago, most of the ppl i see every day KNOW i'm in diapers, they kinda figure it out after a while, i'm not even embarrassed anymore, the scary thing is that i think my next door neighbor's kid (2yo) knows too, we have a shared driveway and i'm out on the porch smoking pretty often. he's giving his parents hell with potty training.

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    The only time I've ever bought diapers myself was when I was on the way to my college campus for the first time on my own, where I would stay in a hotel for an evening before going to a pre-school year event (this was about 2-3 weeks ago). I used my iPhone GPS to locate a CVS pharmacy in a town on the way and stopped there both to buy diapers and get some fast food at a nearby McDonald's. I go in, look at sizes, blush furiously, and read the fine print on the package until my cheeks felt not so red, then checked on my blushing status in the sunglasses display before heading to the counter with my gigantic package of adult diapers in just my size. I get in line behind this woman who's ringing up a bunch of items (at the only register) and begin to wait. The woman of COURSE has problems with her items, price disagreements, coupons she can't find, etc... and leaves her transaction incomplete as she wanders back into the store, looking for a price tag to check whether her random item costs $7.99 or $6.99. The cashier looks at me apologetically and says "I'm sorry, I can't ring you up until she's finished." I say that's fine, and wait.

    Then, three very attractive girls about my age walk up to me (still holding my package of diapers) and ask "Is this the line?" I nod, noticing that they're examining my package closely. They also looked at the pack of diapers. :P (Just kidding about that last one.)

    Eventually, the woman returns, rings her stuff up, and I buy the diapers and toss the receipt into the nearest trash can, then get into my car. My heart is beating a mile a minute here as I tear open the package and pull one out. It's awesome even to hold, especially after a long period of diaper deprivation. I kept that diaper within arm's reach for the rest of the trip (about an hour once I left the CVS) and I occasionally reached over to feel it.

    I got to the hotel, checked in, carried about seven diapers into the room in my clothes bag, and began an awesome night full of incredible diapered fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Good exercise Peachy, before you know it you'll be working your way into small diapers.
    Lol - I can take the whole case back for a refund, and by the time I arrive there, ask the pharmacy lady to sell me a case of Molicares in size small. Ironically, the small size diapers are only 2 Euros cheaper, while the large size ones cost 10 Euros more than the medium.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morphling View Post
    I got to the hotel, checked in, carried about seven diapers into the room in my clothes bag, and began an awesome night full of incredible diapered fun.
    Did you invite those young girls waiting in line behind you to your hotel room to check out that package in great detail?


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