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Thread: Bambino Bellisimo And ABU Fabine Similar

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    Ok, I am starting to notice trends. The fabine and Bellisimo are the same cut. I understand that the fabine is a Butenwindel "exclusive", but its odd that a new cut would appear on 2 diapers from different companies at the same time. Next is the generally accepted one-in-the-same for secure xplus and bambino classics.

    2nd coincidence- When bambino is out of medium diapers, everyone is out of mediums. As of now, you cannot get cases of bellisimo diapers in any size, and if anyone had a preorder of the Fabines you know there wont be any for quite a while.

    I believe that there are ~4 manufacturers in the world for adult diapes. All diapers are a derivative of those 4 models.


    **Edit** I forgot to add a translation for the string of idiots we have been getting lately**Edit**

    ZOMG teh diapers r like all the same stuff lyke thay come from the same country or factry or sumpfen?!?!? Lolz i still <3 dipurz tho dont get me rong...
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    There are allot more than 4 manufactures of adult diapers. There are only a few that make ABDL products. At this time NAVA, makes EuroBrief, Dry24/7, MegaCareline and a few others. This company will make product for anyone who has the desire purchase containers.
    The Chinese made product Secure and Bambino, ect, come off the same line. The briefs with moons and stars are from Korea.
    As most of you know the market for 200+ gram diapers is small. Most manufactures do not understand that there is a population that wants to wear a diaper for extended perods of time, this goes against all comon healthcare standards. ABENA developed the first 4000ml diaper to meet the needs of a population whos needs were not being met. It is exciting to see the market and demand change.

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    Very good information. And your right, the one wet wonders have taken over the market pretty squarely.

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