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Thread: New here, but veteran in the AB and Babyfur community

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    Red face New here, but veteran in the AB and Babyfur community

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the site, but have been in the AB and babyfur community for a decade or so. I'm male, gay, 26, and live in NYC. I'm pretty geeky; I'm into all sorts of tech and sciences, as well as several dozen generes of music ranging from hard rock to all types of metal and electronica, drum-n-bass, darkwave and industrial. I can play a variety of instruments; including guitar, keyboard and celtic folk flute. I've even produced some electronic music of my own, mostly trance and dnb and new age. I like anime and old school 80's cartoons, as well as the old warner brothers and hanna barbera cartoons from way back when.

    As far as the AB/DL/etc stuff goes, I've had bladder problems since I'm a kid. I've been in and out of diapers since I was potty trained. Had bed wetting issues from 2 on, and after an accident while riding my bike when I was 14, fractured 10 vertebrae and that broke my (what I call) "my bladder control apparatus". It wasn't so bad back then because I'd only wet the bed when I was asleep; Nowadays, it's gotten tricky. Sometimes I'll wet and not realize it, so I decided a year ago that I'd just wear my diapers 24/7. It's more convenient for me in public, as I'm germophobic and such when it comes to public rest rooms. When I enter one, I cringe at the thought of all the people who've touched everything in there after doing #2 an not washed their hands. However, in public, I am discreet. I respect other people and don't "show off" my diaper or participate in exhibitionism in that regard. It's common courtesy. But! Ridicule or banter doesn't phase me. Not much does. If someone were to find out about my diapers, I'll tell them about it. I'm an open person when it comes to this stuff.

    As far as my life goes, I was born an raised in NYC. My parents raised me right and nothing phases them, either. My diapers, furry stuff, even me being gay hasn't changed anything. They've accepted just about everything I'm into. Lately, with the rapid declination of the economy, the increase in fuel costs and other costs of living, it's been rough all around. Living in NYC is pretty expensive, and jobs are practically non-existent. So if you're thinking about moving here, DON'T! *giggle*

    I found this site through friends who've mentioned it, and probably read about it on's forums somewhere. I signed up a month or so ago out of curiosity, and didn't get around to this introduction until now. I apologize to all the mods for the appearance of being an evil lurker, but as you can see, I'm REAL! *giggle*

    If anyone wants to drop me a message, feel free! I've been around the scene for ages! Although, I must say; I don't appreciate being solicited for any role-play or anything else. Please don't ask for pics of me. (I've been on and for ages, and you can see pics there.) I'm not seeking a daddy/mommy/etc. or anything. I just came here to socialize with like-minded indivituals and make new friends. Also, don't be suprised if I don't answer messages right away; I sit behind 3 PCs, and manage a couple of estates on Second Life, as well as admin IRC channels and such. I also get alot of skype calls and calls on my mobile phone daily, so I'll randomly be away from my desk.

    Well, anyway! I hope that covers everything! I look forward to being a part of this site and it's community as a whole.

    Stay padded!

    -Kai ^_^

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    Hey pisano! Great to see you here at ADISC!
    Just like rupadded, we have a chat room here too.
    Look forward to another great online resource Kaishen! ~ Will

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    Welcome! Nice introduction. Do you listen to jazz at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaishen View Post
    -Kai ^_^
    Hello and welcome to ADISC, person with my name!

    Sounds live you've been through a lot, in terms of diapers (and I'm not talking the huge mountain of used diapers you've left somewhere ) and life in general. I have no doubt whatsoever that living in NYC is expensive, and nerve wrecking at times (I was glad when I was able to leave the city again when I visited...that NYC habit of wiring the horn to the ignition of one's car really did my head in). I hope things will look up for you again.

    I'm sure you can add lots of interesting stuff to the ADISC community.


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    hi kai, fellow electronic music enthusiast here <3
    glad to see you're taking to the site pretty well. i'm from the boston area so i'm somewhat local. i'd like to listen to your music if you wouldn't mind sharing it. if it wouldn't be a bother could you send me a pm with a link?
    nice meeting you.

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    Welcome and such, I hope you have a good time here... I went to New York once... maybe you saw me...

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC

    my brother is planning on moving to NYC soon, but I'm pretty sure he has a job there... sort of... who knows.

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    Hey pisano! Welcome to ADISC!
    Hope that you have a great time, there are a lot of nice people and great information here. Hope that you enjoy the website as much as I have.

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