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    Default Diapers by feel?

    Hello everyone. I have a unique situation. I have total blindness, this prevents me from "seeing" what these things look like, but my handss work fine! I'll try to describe, by touch, what a few look like, but i'd like feedback from others. Is tranquility ATN these impossible very long and slim things, also extremely thin? The Molycare superplus are the thickest diapers i've seen, in their folded state. Depends are thin but pretty wide. Any help would be appreciated?

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    how do you read the computer screen if you don't mind me asking? Just curious. Braille keyboard I suppose?

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    No I use a program, jaws for windows by freedom scientific. I can type normally without the assistance of braille keys.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've heard that there are nifty gadgets that help the blind use computers. There are also keyboards with braille imprints.
    How Do Blind People Use Computers

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    Aah, i've been using computers all my life and was born blind. I'm sure for some it would work.

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    I had mediums of these to make comparisons with and I see little difference between the thickness of Tranquility ATN and Depends Fitted Maximum Protection AKA Depend Protection with Tabs. Folded or unfolded, they are very close but I'd say the ATNs come in ever so slightly ahead. They are narrower in their folded state but quite similar when unfolded. The ATN rear tabs are a little over 2" longer than Depend and their two tapes fit very closely to the top and bottom tape of the Depend diaper. They are very close to the same width but the ATNs lack gathers at front and back, so one would have to pull the Depend to its full extension to match the width of the ATN. The front tab area is nearly identical in size and crotch area is likewise very similar. Although I have access to better diapers, I still use the abovementioned Depend product with fair frequency for times when I want something thinner or don't intend to wear as long.

    Molicares are certainly thicker than either of these but not as thick as Bambinos or Dry 24/7s. I noticed you've only mentioned diapers that have a plastic outer shell. Is this your preference or just coincidence?

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    no, cloth backed is excellent for not being noticed during the day, but the plastic stuff i wear at night for any bedwetting. Also, they are inexpensive. Most of the cloth ones have different distinctions, small details mostly no one would notice, the tabs, Etc.

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    One more thing, cloth diapers are more adjustable for a small person such as myself! They have more give than the plastic ones. Only downside is price, when you don't have a ton of money its difficult to buy premium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    I've heard that there are nifty gadgets that help the blind use computers. There are also keyboards with braille imprints.
    How Do Blind People Use Computers
    Mind blown o.o

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    naw, I can's see it being that difficult, especially if the readback software has improved over the years, as far as typing, most keyboards have a dimple on the F and J keys, I use them myself for a reference when touch typing, don't even have to look at the keyboard to type, just feel the reference keys, and know the keyboard

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