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Thread: Huggies christmas diapers

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    Default Huggies christmas diapers

    Hi, just saw that huggies have brought out a christmas diaper.
    wish they made them larger or you could get them in the adult diaper range, could be fun.
    Has anyone else seen them?

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    Hmmm I havent restocked on diapers recently........
    I would really like to see what these look like being that Huggies is one of my main purchases
    for diapers. And is it the Night Time ones?
    (And a off topic comment: AWESOME MOOGLE!!!)

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    I seen these when I was out shopping yesterday, I couldn't help but be amused by them entirely, then I wanted them.
    They look kind of ugly though imo, idk if I would actually like them too much.

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    I could get a size 5 and fit with pretty much no problem...
    But they're kinda :/
    Stick to the original looks is what i say

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    I love christmas, and add a christmas diaper to the mix, awesome. Abu or bambino's we need you to help us for next christmas, please

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