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Thread: Diaper bulk and lower back pain

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    Default Diaper bulk and lower back pain

    I find that I sometimes experience lower back pain when I wear a diaper while sitting at my desk all day. I think it's because of my sitting differently due to the bulk between my legs; I shift my weight back a bit.

    Does anyone else experience this?
    What mitigating strategies do you have?

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    I don't have this problem but I have fairly high-end office chairs (Herman Miller) so maybe that's helping me out. I've noticed that sitting in certain types of seats, mainly airplane seats, causes my butt to hurt after a period of time when wearing a diaper.

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    I would think its because when u lean back ur putting more presure on ur tail bone which leads to more presure at ur L5 spine and causing the pain

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    I've had this at night. If I wear too thick of a diaper to bed, I'll wake up in the morning with back pain, presumably from the diaper forcing my back and legs out of alignment (effectively making my back sag all night).

    My strategy is to wear a thinner diaper. I can wear a diaper that will do just fine for night use that does not cause the issue. It's only when I do something overly thick that I have problems.

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    for during the day you might just need a more comfortable chair or a thinner diaper. you may also be sitting for too long at a single time and just need to get up stretch a bit and go back to work. as for sleeping in thick diapers and having back pain in the morning as stated above it could be that your spine is getting out of alignment. to fix this use a thinner diaper or get a good mattress pad or use pillows to get into a comfortable position.

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