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Thread: Kinda weird question...

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    Default Kinda weird question...

    So, If I wet my diaper, I find it hard to talk to anyone, even if it's over the computer... I know nobody can see me, but I find it embarrassing. Does anybody else feel embarrassed wetting?

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    But I guess you should reflect on the subject to understand why you react that way.

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    I used to be, to the point that if i was on the phone or even chatting online i was convinced they could hear me wetting myself, because i just knew it was as loud as a waterfall!! But that soon passed because i realized 1: the person on the phone is hardly listening to what i have to say let alone what i'm doing, and 2: i'm on a computer lol how the heck can they hear me thru my Yahoo or IM chat

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    Over time those feelings disappear. Now I could be standing in line at the cashier, exchanging money and I'm standing there wetting myself.

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    Same here. If I keep my bladder emptied over the course of several days, wetting myself becomes a reflex including when I speak to folks etc. I get a special kick out of peeing in situations where my external appearance stands in the most extreme contrast to my wearing a diaper, for example when I am giving a sales presentation to a customer executive.

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    Hmm. I've never been embarrassed to wet my diaper anywhere. The paranoia that comes with our fetish is all in your head for the most part. No one can hear you tinkling in a room with other people and other things going on. No one can tell once you're wet if you have a good diaper and plastic pants on to protect from odors and leaks. Even if anyone hears anything they would never relate it back to you wearing a diaper or that you are a diaper lover.

    Now pooping is another story

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    Thanks for the support, guys. I feel a lot better now. ^-^

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    No, no one will ever have a clue, trust me. Even if you stand akwardly and stark-still in the middle of a conversation while you wet your diaper. (I have tried that as a "social experiment.") Be yourself and pee yourself! It's the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CracklinPants View Post
    Be yourself and pee yourself! It's the best.
    I laughed out loud at this, it's awesome!!!

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