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Thread: Diaper Leak Obsession?

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    Default Diaper Leak Obsession?

    I wonder if I'm obsessed about diaper leaks. I seem to go to a lot of trouble to prevent them from wetting my clothes and furniture. I wear premium diapers and lined plastic pants over them much of the time. When making decisions about levels of diaper I'll sacrifice price, bulk, and even comfort to ensure that leaking is kept where it should be - in my diapers and plastic pants.

    Am I obsessed? What do you care about leaking diapers? What lengths do you go to in order to prevent them or control them?

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    I'm just really carefully about how full they are, what position I'm in when I wet and how quickly I wet. When I wear in public I'm always really paranoid that they will leak so I'm super carefully about how and when I wet.

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    I wear premium diapers and plastic pants but still worry about leaking sometimes when I'm at home (not in public oddly enough - I think I'm more worried about wrecking my furniture). I'm not really sure why it can be such a worry, it's not that much of a big deal and can be cleaned up, but still...

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    You should change the diaper when it need to be. That way you won't leak. You should notice that some diapers are designed to be changed every 4h, other are made to last a whole night. And under normal use, they are not flooded 2 or 3 times in a houre.

    But yeah, leaks sux. That's why I only use quality diapers.

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    Use quality diapers and booster inserts. If you are worried they are full just pull the booster out and insert another booster like a baby diaper until you can change the entire diaper set up. it is all about diaper management. Plastic pants help as well as dark pants.
    good luck

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    I wouldn't say I'm totally obsessed with it, but I am very concerned and careful and have learned what works and what doesn't over time. Nobody likes leaks on their furniture, be it mine or somebody else's. On top of having a full-sized mattress protector on my bed, I have a Brolly sheet (it's absorbent with a waterproof backing and only 1/3 the length of the bed, so it's much easier to wash and take along on trips, if need be). If I'm wearing diapers to a hotel on a trip (this implies that I'm traveling alone), I'll bring a Brolly sheet. For whenever I get my own couch, I'll probably sew a custom-fit absorbent/waterproof pad for at least one of the cushions, to be easily taken off if there's company. Unless it ends up looking reasonably stylish/decorative/discreet, then I'll make a set and keep 'em on. I toss a small waterproof sheet on my bean bag chair if I'm diapered. I have a small-sized waterproof cover for in my car.

    If it's not my furniture that I'm worried about (be it at the movies or somebody's couch or car), my solution is more discreet. I'd like to toss a waterproof cover down, but that would just look odd in public. I take care to wear only premium diapers I trust not to have leakage or, also important, press-out issues (Dry 24/7 are the best for me, followed by Bambino since they redesigned their diapers). I'll add a plastic pant just in case there's a little bit of press-out. They're unlined because my lined ones are too bulky for public, but press-out moisture is so little that just a plastic pant works. I don't majorly leak, because the diapers themselves are good quality and I've worn enough of them to know when it's time to change.

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    I've leaked in public before. Unless you absolutely flood, or are wearing light colored pants, it's not really that big a thing.You might feel exposed, but people notice and care much less than we give them credit for.

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    I just don't seem to have much of a problem with leaking. Some time ago I brought mattress protectors with me to hotels, but never once needed them. At home the night time leaks have been extremely rare and minor in scope. During the daytime I either change frequently enough (when wearing thinner diapers under a suit) or I wear dark pants.

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    I think it's a concern for all of us at some level, so I don't think you are obsessed at all. I too take precautions. I wear cloth and plastic pants, and I make sure I haven't flooded them. If they aren't flooded, they almost never leak.

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