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  • Yes - Less than once a month

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  • Maybe - you have been a member more than 6 months and have only ever given 1 or 2 reps in your whole time on adisc

    13 20.00%
  • No - Why bother?

    12 18.46%
  • What Rep Button??

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Thread: Who uses the Rep button?

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    Default Who uses the Rep button?

    DICLAIMER: Not a Debate/Discussion! Just a poll and maybe a comment or two... do not let this thread to dissolve into a 'the rep system sucks' thread. Mods: Feel free to close it, if it does.

    I just wanted to take a fact finding poll to know who if anyone actually uses the rep button. I would be willing to guess that a large majority of users have never used it or don't even know anything about it.

    (I could not decide whether to put this in Admin Stuff or Off-Topic, so feel free to move it if it needs to be in Admin Stuff)

    Feel free to post about what specifically you consider a rep-worthy post, but DO NOT DEBATE ABOUT THE SYSTEM.
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    Just a preemptive warning: This is not a rep debate - this is asking whether or not you use the rep system. Posts arguing about the rep system will be deleted!

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    I use it from time to time. Normally I look for a good post and give one every time I get one. But I like the rate its at now. I'm just scared of getting a bad rep though.

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    I don't use it anymore. The rules are too complicated and I don't want to accidentally misuse it.

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    Iíve said no. Earlier this year I threw all my toys out of the pram by putting my +rep up for removal, while I have to accept the decision made then, I still donít agree with it. Since I no longer buy into that system, I am asking that people remember and respect my stance when dishing out positive appreciation.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've given up on the system.

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    I have given less than 5 in the year I have been a member on here. As said the rules for giving rep are complicated and I can see that puts people off it. The few people I have talked to about the rep system are all the same and don't really use it much.

    As for what a rep-worthy post is - When I have given positive rep in the past its been for reading something thats been very thorough, considerate of everyone's thoughts and has proven to be a real help to someone. When I have given them its been for the more complicated topics that don't popup much on here that require more help than basically repeating what has been said about 10 times over in the past.
    As for negative rep I have given 1 or 2 for posts that you can clearly see are totally irrelevant and displays the user looking for trouble trying to spark an argument. After that I'd then report the post. I only do that if its something really bad in hope that a few others do the same and once they get to -3 a moderator has to approve what they type. This will either send the trouble away from the forums, or greatly improve the content they post.
    Neutral rep - Not really sure what its for. As far as I can tell it doesn't do any other than leave a message. Haven't ever given one of those.

    If I was to make a suggestion it would be to make a publicly visible like/dislike counter with every post on the forums so people who think its good/bad or even just agree/disagree could click away. The ability to quickly do that without as many rules and without having to give a reason makes me think it would be used more.

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    I give rep when I feel the post is just 'good'. That isn't saying that the posts are just good, but I have a very low standard for what I find to be rep-worthy. If I 'm reading a post and it makes me smile, or if it strikes me as heartfelt and helpful, or even if it seems like the person is trying really hard to help the person they're replying to, then I throw one their way. I feel like it's a nice little thing to come back to after trying to brighten someone else's day.

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    I give rep probably more than weekly on average.

    I'm just wondering, since it's kind of on topic - what exactly makes you find the rep rules so complicated?

    I very rarely give out negative rep, but I'm a heavy user of the neutral and positive rep buttons. As a user (not staff) my general summary of the rules would be:

    Positive - a really good post, something which brought something new to the argument, was particularly interesting, or a good summary of something so far.

    Neutral - I want to give the user a comment, their post is neither exceptionally positive or exceptionally negative, but there's something I want to tell them. If they're new it might be a reminder of the rules, which they've not broken but they're close to, or if it's for an older member and they're being especially obnoxious then it might be that.

    Negative - repeated rule breaking, off topic spam, etc

    I have been known to rep people who I disagree with, especially in the mature topics forum, since I think someone can definitely be deserving of positive rep even if we dont sha the me opinion.

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