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Thread: roleplay online?

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    Default roleplay online?

    Is there any where you can role play online?
    And what's it like?

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    Well, you can roleplay online #ADISC-RP on the chat, on the RP boards, in some of the groups made for roleplay....or with another person interested in RP via PM or one-on-one chat.

    As for what it's like...well...I dunno how to explain it. It depends on who you're roleplaying with, what kinda RP it is (I'm guessing you're interested in being 'babied'?) and how you feel about online babying. For some it's just a bit of fun, for others it's an online expression of IRL fantasies, and for others it's a way of releasing their innerchild.

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    When you become an established contributed you will have access to the role play board here on ADISC.

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    Like Charliepup said... it depends on what kind of RP you are looking for?

    CHAT/IRC RP (Like in #adisc-rp)
    1-1 Mommy/Daddy RP. In all honesty is a bit creepy to me sometimes.
    <baby> *messes my diaper
    <mommy> *picks baby up and changes him
    I guess for some people it is fun or interesting, but not for everyone.

    Group 'Daycare/Family' RP - These can be kinda fun
    <Baby1/Bro1> *sits and plays with blocks
    <Baby2/sister> This ish fun!
    <Baby3/Bro2> *starts crying
    <Caretaker/Mommy/Daddy> *Holds Baby3 and rocks him gently
    I have been in a few of these and they can be kinda fun interacting with several other 'kids' but they do get kinda old sometimes.

    THREAD/FORUM RP's (Like the Adisc RP Forum [EC or Higher])
    There have been some Daycare family type threads in here, but usually they get shut down because they end up being all about diaper changes and are pretty boring to read. But there are other RP's that are almost like a group of people writing a story together. You can take on the character of a superhero, a video game character, an adventurer, a Wizard, or just a kid trying to live a life in ancient times, future times or in another reality all together. The possibilities are endless. I LOVE THESE!!! and am involved in quite a few. Once you have your 20 posts and have been here 7 days i would suggest reading a few of the active ones or Hex's guide to the RP Forum.

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    i love to do and in my native speak i done hours
    regression / babysitter or school scenarios ... but
    no chance to do in english im afraid .. to pitty ...

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