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    Question Feelings in dreams

    So I've been having vivid dream for the past few months ( I don't know why or will go into detail) and I've been able to 'feel'. Like running water through my hands or pain. For example, if I'm dreaming about laying in the grass I can feel the grass blades and if it's raining I can feel the water droplets on my body. I don't think it could be anything in my room messing with me while I sleep though, I lock my door and shut my window tight.

    Has anyone here ever had a similar experience? Or going through the same thing? Is it possible I could be lucid dreaming or something?

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    I feel stuff in my dreams every night. It's fun, and if I feel pain then I pretty quickly realize that I'm in a dream and just wake up. It isn't quite lucid dreaming but if you can make yourself realize - through the sensory experiences that you shouldn't be feeling while asleep - that you're dreaming, then you could start to change things. I never got into it because I prefer the random stuff my mind comes up with every night.

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