If I may introduce myself.

I'm an older married male who seems to have found himself in diapers, first because it seemed possible, then because it seemed irresistable. For work reasons my wife and I live apart much of the time, which avoids a lot of difficult explanation.

I'm interested in a lot of things: music, art, math, language. It's satisfying to me that this more or less inexplicable aspect of who I am exists simultaneously with the rest of my life. At times it seems that the rest of my life runs more smoothly if I'm wearing (no second mention) at the same time.

I found this site looking for leads when my source for cloth prefolds stopped carrying my long time favorites in favor of things with terry-cloth stuffing. (Although these make phenomenal liners.) I'll still pursue that question, but in the mean time I'm interested in understanding what everyone else is doing here. Having gotten here not exactly unintentionally, but certainly not intentionally, it seems like a strange new land.

(alas, haven't found spell check. hate these javascript apps. gripe off)

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Sorry for replying to my own post. Having seen the result, I'm really wishing that I'd taken the user name "reputation0"