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    I never got around to posting another introduction in here after the forums changed, so here goes.

    I'm a guy in his mid-20s known for being a geek. I am very attached to my computer and mobile phones. I really like a lot of industrial music and EBM, and my screenname here is the name of a rather obscure and short-lived band from those genres.

    I happened upon the original version of this forum and registered since it seemed to be an accepting place with a mature group of users. My interest in diapers started when I was a kid and I only finally started accepting it a couple years ago. I also have a small and rather overractive bladder combined with insomnia made worse by it and I've found diaper-wearing at night helps with that. It's not that I need them at night, but given that I'm woken up multiple times a night by needing to use the bathroom it seems having a safeguard in place seems to keep me from waking up as much. So it's a fetish with a good side benefit, I guess I could say.

    I do tend to rarely post although I will try to contribute more here to give a little back to a great community.

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    Hey and welcome. Post as much as you feel necessary. Hope to see you around.

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