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Thread: Hello from mexico

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    Default Hello from mexico

    Hi I'm a 20 years old DL and teen baby form Mexico and I like a lot to read al the stories also I like to wear goodnites , the mexicans goodnites are plain white and I will love to wear goodnites with cool graphics also like to chat whi some one off my age sorry about my English
    Sincerely Gerardo

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    Hi Gerardo wellcome aboard. Tell us about your hobbies or things you like to do.

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    Hello Gerardo^^Welcome =D

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    Hi!!!!!!! Welcome to this great website, I hope you have a good time exploring it.

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    Hey Goodnmex! Just out of curiosity, ┐Hablas t˙ espa˝ol?

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    Hi Geraldo!
    Welcome to ADISC.
    I want to invite you to join this group: Spanish Speakers Group -
    (You might need to get to be a established contributor, which is 20 or more postings on ADISC to join a group, I'm not sure).
    There's some other people on ADISC from Mexico!
    What do you best about living in Mexico?

    Also, what are your favorite diapers?

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    Hello, Goodnmex, and welcome to

    Quote Originally Posted by Goodnmex View Post
    like to chat whi some one off my age
    I know of a person in the IRC/Live Chat here on ADISC who is fluent in spanish, and I believe he also has family back in mexico as well, so you two may very well get together well. In the IRC (internet relay chat) we talk about many things, from the weather, politics, current events, computer stuff, or whatever anyone brings up. It's an open enviornment to discuss any topic you may want to, so feel free to drop in and get a feel for it some time.

    Some more information about it can be found here.

    sorry about my English
    Don't worry about your English, for many of the members here on ADISC English is a second language, and for non-native speakers, is almost never perfect, and we understand that it can be difficult, after all, they say English is one of the hardest languages to learn. I even have trouble with it sometimes, and I've been speaking it since I first learned to talk xD. Whether it be on the forums, or our IRC/Live chat, we're always glad to have a new face, so

    Welcome to ADISC, never be afraid to ask questions, or share your opinion on things, and most importantly, enjoy your stay with us.

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