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Thread: DL fighting with Diapers

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    I've always known that I was attracted to diapers from no age. My mom still tells me that I would poke holes in the diaper packages, at the grocery store, to feel them. As I've gotten older I've gone back and forth but when I was 25 I thought I would ask a girl I was seeing if she was interested. Let's just say she didn't dump me but it never happened. After my last relationship ended I found myself logging on more and more to the AB/DL community. Last weekend I was walking by a 24hr drugstore and walked out with a package of Depends Max. It was a rush buying them and even better wetting the first one. Now I find myself writing this for the first time and it feels good.

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    Welcome to ADISC, nightdiapers! You'll get lots of DL support here. Sounds like you've really had the DL bug from the very beginning of your memory retention. Make yourself at home and post around. Hope you'll enjoy it on the forums, and thanks for your introduction.


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    Nice to see you here . I think you'll like it here.

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    Welcome and such... I don't remember doing that... but I have the memory of a retarded squirrel so I may have... *thinks hard about it* >.<

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    Hey nightdiapers! Welcome to ADISC!
    Hope that you have a great time, there are a lot of nice people and great information here. Hope that you enjoy the website as much as I have. Congrats on your first purchase of Depends Max also.

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    welcome to ADISC have fun surfing around the site!
    here's to always having night diapers available 2 wear w/e u feel like it!

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