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Thread: Je suis de retour, et j'ai encore besoin de travailler sur mon français...

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    Default Je suis de retour, et j'ai encore besoin de travailler sur mon français...

    Well, if we want to get technical about it, I've already introduced myself, but since I've been gone for nearly a year, a reintroduction may be in order.

    My name is Zedd, and no it has nothing to do with the Sword of Truth series of books. I'm a former ski instructor, a borderline alcoholic, and just a bit of a cynical asshole. I'm a bit of an opinionated cuss (and a long winded one at that) but that may be what gives me my charm. I've recently left Happy Valley, and now I find myself back in the frozen wasteland from whence I originated. Yeah, there's a much higher likelyhood of being eaten by a grizz, but I like it here. Based on the very nature of the site, you can probably guess what my undergarment of choice is, that one is a no-brainer.

    Feel free to ask any question that you like, just be ready for a reply both facetious and cynical.

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    Welcome back, Zedd! Judging by the title, I'm going to assume you speak French...? Yo no hablo Francaís, ¡pero estoy aprendiendo para hablar español! Good to see some fellow foreign language speakers on the site!

    One final thing: Being a Doctor Who fan, whenever I talk to a French-speaker, I am obliged to say...


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    I'ts perfectly fine if you prefer an inferior language, we all have different likes. (I do like spanish, I'm just really bad at it)

    Love your avatar, even if the eyes kinda freek me out. One is small and evil, the other is definatly not human.

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