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Thread: I need new epals

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    Unhappy I need new epals

    Well I wanted to be able to make a post like this for a while but I just didn't know where to make it. There are so many lovely people here on ADISC but how many people are honestly capable of looking at someone's email and just sending emails all over the place to different people and seeing who responds? I can tell you that I'm not one of them I'm always thinking "but what if the person doesn't want me to" etc. It is to that which I propose if anyone has ever gone into an inbox and found that it feels completely empty. If anyone has ever looked sadly at their inbox seeing nothing but junk mail and wishing that someone would send them an email. This is the post for you. I am looking for people to be able to write to regularly (at least once a week) and tell about how things are going and learn how things are going for them. this website would be the only place that I would say I don't care if your male or female if you are interested put a post down here as I would love to have some people to write to. Usually I'm terrified of men being a lesbian but I have found so much support from both males and females in this site that I feel safe to write to either. Let me know if you are interested in being an epal.

    I might develop an epal group too but only if people are intersted. My epal group would be that there is a list of members and every week I will assign you with a new epal to write to and do something nice for. Whether its reply to some posts that they have around write to them and ask how they are going or send them an ecard. Just do something sweet. If anyone is still here reading this then that's great I'm looking forward to being able to hear from you. If not then I guess the whole idea was just stupid and I shouldn't have raised it. If you think I should post this somewhere else on the site let me know and I will. But I didn't know where I could put it.

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    Well I'll say it first, because you're going to get it. "This isn't a personals site."

    However - I can see that you're not looking for someone to get your rocks off too. Honestly, to be able to write to someone - even weekly - is still personal, and I'm sure a lot of people don't want to get too personal unless they really know you.

    I think your best bet is to just post and hope you make a friend.

    Sorry you're lonely.

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    If you want to email me, you can...You should know that I'm kind of vague...But yeah, I'll still read and respond and all that...If you do want to email me, then pm me, because I'll give you an email that I actually check >.>

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    I'll email you! You can email me! *shrugs*

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    I'm always here, so pm me if you feel comfortable. I'm hugely busy right now, but I will get back to you. I know I'm a married male, but I've walked both sides of the street, so there is much I have experienced.

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    I was just thinking that it would be kinda cool to get some more people contributing to something like a few get to know you activities and just have some general fun writing to one another create more of a community environment here but if others don't agree with me then that's fine too.

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    mandi, she already has made one
    and mandi one other thing, dont be so brusque.

    ...nikki. you know it but im sayin it publicly, i love the idea. but i dunno how often i can chat,because of assignments the internets somewhat limited access
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    Feel Free to Email me Also. I love emailing people!! I remember when I was younger I had a few Penpals all over the world. and since internet, it kinda died and just stuck to forums, but again, email me My Email

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    you can be my E-pal. email me and i will email you back

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