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Thread: Bambinos changed again? (Anyone else notice design tweaks since October?)

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    Default Bambinos changed again? (Anyone else notice design tweaks since October?)

    I ordered a case of the new redesigned Bambinos within days of the mediums being restocked in October. Just so we're on the same page as to what Bambino version I'm talking about, here's the review I wrote on the 'new' Bambinos:

    The new diapers had smaller tapes compared to the old diapers. I found that the new tapes worked well until a stuffer was added; the extra weight was just too much and the tapes wouldn't stay fastened properly. Move forward a month or two to the Bellissimo release: I was reluctant to try them because I heard of others having tape issues and, if they used the same tapes as on the regular Bambino line, I could see why there would be a problem. When I finally made an order a couple weeks ago, I was very pleased to see that the Bellissimos had larger tapes than the Teddies I had ordered a couple months before. I even held them side-by-side to compare: yep, definitely bigger.

    I also ordered a new case of Teddies along with the Bellissimos, but didn't open any bags until I finished the previous batch. Imagine my surprise to find that the tapes were now the same size as the Bellissimo tapes. I'm quite sure I wasn't imagining things before, but I don't have any Teddies from my last case for a direct comparison.

    So I wrote a lot for a simple question: has anyone else noticed that the redesigned Teddies/Biancos/Classicos now have bigger tapes? For that matter, has anyone else noticed a slight performance bump? My last case of redesigned Teddies felt rather soggy when wet--very squishy. The diapers from my latest case feel drier and also firmer when wet, like they upped the SAP content again. I'm having even less issues with press-out, now.

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    I've had horrible problems with the tapes on the new Teddies. They separate from the plastic shell. It's gotten to the point where I have to use packing tape before I go to bed at night to keep the diaper on me.

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