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Thread: i need help... for my dads xmas

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    Default i need help... for my dads xmas

    i just found out that my dad is an ab and i really do accept him and all and i wanted to get him some ab stuff for xmas but i cant really fin any good sites but one does any one know of anything that will help??? im looking for pooh stuff because now that my brother and i have moved out they are making nursery for him

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    Well that's different. If you want Pooh stuff, look at Toys R Us. There's always AB stuff on Ebay, if you still have time. Just type in Adult Baby. There are clothes sites on line like Big Baby Boutique, and Very Special Clothes. There are plenty of diaper sites. Personally, I like my big teddy bear which my wife got me at Toys R Us. He's about two foot tall, if that helps, and so he's a good size to clutch when I sleep.

    I don't know if he would like a pacifier or (and here I blush) baby bottles? Some people like toys like Legos or trains. I personally love trains. All things are possible, I suppose.

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    Well, I am stunned. I think you should get your dad a gift card to Lowe's Hardware, or even Toys R Us if you think it proper, however I would never want my son to buy anything AB related for me.

    I cannot fathom a Dad wanting his son to know much less be involved in any way with his fetish be it AB or BSDM.

    Being a first post I also wonder about the legitimacy of this thread, though I know there are more things under the sun than I've experienced. I'm not trying to call you out, just let you know that it comes across as suspect.

    I advise you to write a proper introduction that we may get to know and welcome you in like fashion.

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    I know there are some whinny the Pooh adult size pacifiers out there, but i am having a hard time trying to find them. Those would be a good choice though.

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    Found them, Cosy n Dry - NuK5 AB Pacifier - Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More I've never dealt with them before, so i don't know how good they do business. I've thought about buying there though.

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    Well, I think this might be a first. It's nice that you're accepting of your dad. I'm just going from my own viewpoint here, but giving him things such as diapers, pacifiers, or bottles might be a little awkward for both parties, though I don't know your relationship with your dad. I think a nice plushie would be appreciated and that doesn't seem like too strange of a thing to give one's parent, AB or not. The Disney Store (brick-and-mortar and online) is having a sale on plushies at the moment and they have all the characters from Winnie the Pooh.

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    This is certainly a new angle on things

    Assuming he knows that you know (and is okay with it) then I'd think something like a plushy could be a good gift. I'd steer clear of anything obviously adult-babyish (like diapers/paci/onesies) as it could seem a bit awkward. A plushy isn't overtly AB and so could be a good way to start.

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    Personally I think this thread is a bit bizarre....

    Who is building your dad a nursery ? Is he now like a full time 24/7 baby ? If not, I don't see why he'd be sharing his sexual fetishes with his 19 year old teenage daughter ?

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    Definitely a strange situation indeed.
    I don't know about getting your dad AB stuff... that could end up being incredibly awkward! I'm also curious as to why a father would share his fetishes with his child...

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    If it were my dad, I don't know how I would react if I found out. Really. Wow... very interesting situation. As for AB gifts, just get him some baby stuff or something like that. Or plushies. Plushies are always good, I know I love mine.

    And yeah, I am curious as to how you got sucked into this too. I know that I'd never share my fetish with my kids.


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