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Thread: Bambinos ballisimo.. Great gamer gear!

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    Default Bambinos ballisimo.. Great gamer gear!

    So I got a case of the new Bambinos a few weeks back. Nice diaper, comfy and all that. But last night...I put them to a real test.

    Any gamers out there should know, but Star Wars: The Old Republic came out at midnight. Well this lead to an all nighter, and loads of caffine. Like, a Mt Dew Amp and two Bawls. 7 hours and who knows how many wettings later, my diaper was not only still wearable and not overly uncomfortrable, but could have held more. The only reason I changed was because I needed to get a little sleep and I don't like to pass out in an already wet diaper.

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    Yes diapers are indeed an excellent fix to a gamers ultimate problem: when you gotta go, it's when the action happens the most. Unfortunately diapers are still too stigmatized for any kind of official game endorsement to ever materialize beyond satire.

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    This is what I believe is dedication, either to gaming or diapers.

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    It takes Bawls to come out and say that, much props. I think Bawls has to be the funniest energy drink ever. It is surprisingly good tasting and effective. It's was my drink of choice back in my Halo 2, GoW and WOW days but we always made fun of it, I think that was half the fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    This is what I believe is dedication, either to gaming or diapers.
    Lol, I believe both. I'm not as hardcore into gaming as BabyCorry, but I've found diapers to be similarly useful in getting many uninterrupted hours in the art studio ^^

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    I'm not usually (any more) that much of a hard core gamer. I'll be back to the normal 9-12 hour work day tomorrow saddly. But I'll keep playing as much as possible. SW:ToR is just freaking awesome. And yes, the name Bawls is just funny as all get out, but its great stuff. Tastes good, and has sooooo much caffine. Makes you pee a lot too. I almost felt sorry for the poor Bambino. But my shorts and chair were glad I had a full fledged epic diaper on!

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