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Thread: Christmas morning diapers

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    Default Christmas morning diapers

    I was a bed wetter up until I was about 10 years old. One interesting recollection that I have from those days is getting up on Christmas morning and going downstairs to open presents while still wearing my pyjamas and wet nighttime diaper. There is even a picture of me when I was probably about 6 or 7 years old surrounded by presents and wearing pyjamas with very puffy pants. These are somewhat pleasant childhood memories. I wonder if anyone else has similar memories.

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    Totally the same here....I wore Drynites as a kid for my bedwetting and remember many years of running downstairs straight from bed and spending the majority of the morning in my wet PJ-pants. No doubt it'll be the same this year, apart from the fact that it'll be a tena slip and I'll have a bigger lie in!

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    Not of my childhood but X-Mas is a day when there is no going out as there are no places to eat open so many diaper endurance records have been set for me.

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    My mom was cool about me wanting to wear diapers up until I was about seven I remember I got a special Christmas present that year and it was a box with 4 bags of good nites and my mom told me that she wasn't going to get me anymore after that. Although the next year I got a riding lawn mower as a gift from my grandpa and the time of me having money for my own purposes began.

    Edit: Also that present was hidden in my closet in my room, my Mom showed it to me when we were carrying my presents up from the tree.

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    I was an occasional bed wetter until I was about 10 or 12 but my mom never put any thing on me, if I wet then my sheets were changed the next day. Sometimes I has plastic sheets but they usually got dried out and cracked. I hated it, the smell, the feel of the crummy plastic under my sheets, having to take the wet sheets off my bed. I wish my mom had put me in diapers or pull ups and I don't know why she didn't. My brother wet the bed more often than I did and he wet until he was about 15 and I swear he enjoyed it. Sometimes I wonder if he's DL but I would never dare ask him.

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    I've seen home videos of me coming downstairs on Christmas in a swollen pull up under Batman pajamas when I was 6. My mom comments on it every time.. not exactly the most comfortable situation. But in my immediate family it's common knowledge that i used to wet the CRAP out of the bed non stop until I was seven. Oh well.

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    I never wet the bed but i did wear a girls underjams last night, I wet it then kept it on while opening presents this morning ;D

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    Now that I told my wife about wearing diapers and she has accepted it, I got to wake up on Christmas morning and open presents wearing a wet diaper for the first time I can remember.

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    I got a lot of pictures and memories like that. I had problems and was in diapers all the time until i was about 13 or 14.

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    I was not allowed to wear diapers. So on Christmas day like every other day it was take off the PJ's which were soaked and we just let the sheets dry out. Thinking about it I had to smell like pee all the time.

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