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Thread: The end of MarkFox?

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    Default The end of MarkFox?

    Just a general announcement.

    Some of you may already know that things have not been going well for me for quite a while.

    Well now, I will be homeless on Friday 19th September unless I can come up with 1,295, which I can't. Basically, my ex-flatmate (we're joint tenants) has decided, despite the fact that he no longer lives here and has no further liability for utilities etc (except the electricity bill i'm still waiting to receive), to terminate the agreement.

    Due to the flawed nature of English Tenancy Law, as he is the "Lead Tenant", I can do absolutely nothing about this, and will have to move out too!

    I don't have 1,295 (First month's rent of 595, plus deposit of 695) and nobody else here does, so we're all screwed. If he hadn't decided on this truly selfish act (he has lied and cheated us in other areas too) we would only have 595 to find between us.

    Furthermore, I left my previous delightful (but still, salary paying) job back in July because I was forced to even resign or "be" resigned. Since then, i've done a mere 8 days of part-time work, in a job I couldn't continue doing, and been off sick since then. I'm currently, de facto unemployed again.

    The DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) are trying everything possible to avoid paying me a penny, including neglecting to mention the Disability Premium of 25-40 a week i'm entitled to, losing forms, employing staff who after speaking to I either want to slap or cry, and generally being obstructive and unhelpful.

    Because they haven't sent me any paperwork, I can't claim any Housing Benefit either.

    So, between these two government issues, i'm between 700 and 800 down right now.

    It wouldn't stop me being evicted, but it would get me food (that will be all gone by the end of tommorow, at the latest) and find me temporary accommodation.

    Concurrently, my mobile (voice) service has been suspended, I can't even receive calls or txts now.

    In just over 24 hours, I will lose my DSL, Sky TV, and Landline services too. My only link with the outside world will be Terrestial television, and that doesn't do outgoing calls!

    I also have a gas and credit card bill to pay, and Council Tax in about five days.

    I don't know what to do, i've tried everything I can and i'm getting nowhere. I shall shortly lose communications which means I won't be here - well, I may have another 2-3 days until they cut off my mobile (data) contract as well, but that isn't guaranteed.

    I'm depressed and hungry, and i've had enough.

    Sorry for the rant, but I don't know how much longer i'll be around, in any sense.


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    I'm truly sorry to hear this, and I hope things brighten up in the future, Mark. It's horrible, the things some people can do to others without thinking about anyone but themselves.

    Stick in there, I'm sure there has to be a bright side, *hugs*


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    Dude, i really hope you get something sorted out, and wish you all the best in finding a solution or part of a solution to sorting some of your problems out. I cant think of any good advice to give you at the moment but will let you know if i think of anything.

    All the best

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    Good luck Mark! I hope things pick up and look brighter in the not too distant future.

    Speaking from a few people I know, it is possible to live on less than $25 a day, and that's including food and accommodation. Buy your food strictly from supermarkets, stay in a cheap hotel (or hostel... you never know, you might meet some really interesting people!) and stick to a budget. Even in these bad times, there's still options on the table for you. It might not be the best of living, but it'll definitely get you by until you get a job and all those other things.

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    I really hope things can work out in this hard time, Mark. It makes me so angry thinking about how this can happen to someone.. *transatlantic hug* I'll miss you on IRC.

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    Good luck, hope to see you again when things are going better again (I bet they will some time again) Until then, I salute you! *salutes*

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    Sorry to hear about all that, mate. The thought of it happening to someone in such a rich society as ours honestly makes me pretty angry.

    Are there no family or friends you can move in with just until you're able to get something sorted out? I know it might mean swallowing your pride to ask but you would do the same if one of them came to you and you could help, right? Also, there are charities designed to help with these sorts of situations. It will depend on what is available in your area but you might be able to get advice and help in coming to an agreement with your landlord or short term help with paying rent, failing that they might help with alternative temporary accommodation or, at the very least, emergency food parcels to tide you over. Groups are there to help people in your situation; it's what they're designed for and there is no need to be embarrassed if you've a genuine need. Everyone needs a hand sometimes.

    You also need to go to a Citizens Advice Bureau, get hold of the councilor for your ward, write to your MP or better yet meet them if they're holding a surgery soon (parliament isn't in session so you might get lucky and find them doing constituency work) and get on the phone to the DWP again - make your circumstances clear to all of them and demand what you're entitled to. I'm sure you're sick of dealing with these people but they will try to do something if you make it clear that you won't have anywhere to go very soon. You're entitled to disability and housing benefit and you need to make sure that they know you're aware of that. Write to the local paper about how unhelpful they've been if you need to - bad press has a tendency to get things moving.

    Whatever happens, good luck. I'll look forward to you coming back here when things are looking a bit more stable for you.

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    I wish you the best man, may god help you.

    Sendin ma prayers

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    Ouch. Sorry to hear that. Hope things will get better. I would say get a loan but thats just digging deeper into your own hole.

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