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    Hey guys, am curious to know how many guys out there are using molicare products? I am personally an Abena or Tena boy, but i know the supplier i go to has them, and realistically they are going to be easier to get (I have to order the Abena in)
    Whats your reviews?

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    My favorite adult diapers by far!

    They don't have quite as much total capacity as Abenas, but they have about the best wicking performance of anything out there, so you will actually be able to use every bit of it. Makes a big difference!

    And, of course, they have that lovely lilac-colored plastic backing...

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    I am ready to pull the trigger on some soon. They soak it up quick.

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    Man... everyone seems to love that color except me.
    Then again... I'm color blind so what do I know.
    They ride lower on my beer gut little round belly which I don't always care for either. Sometimes it's okay though.
    The Super Pluses are wider across the middle (i.e. crotch area) than Abenas are so that's a bonus if you like bulk. Performance wise, they do very well. The plastic seems a bit quieter and maybe a bit stretchier also IMO.

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    I liked the molicares that I tried when I ordered a sample. I don't mind the purple color at all and they breathe really well.

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    Their pretty good but are made with more pulp and less SAP so while they absorb quickly they do not lock it in leading to wet spots in bed and on the back of your pants.

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    they seem to be a bit more comfy then the abenas but they are less absorbent and a bit more bulky. if I have some I will use them but I don't go out of the way to get them unless they are on sale. the only issue I have ever had as stated above is that they do tend to wick moisture outside of the diaper leaving wet spots.

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    Molicares rule! My favorite diaper for going out in public. Very comfy, very absorbent, very quiet- perfect for incognito diaper wearing.

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    It is a good product but....the color purple just does not work for me.
    Heard the color was changing to white. Is that true?

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