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    I switched to wearing Dry 24/7 diapers recently. Previously I had worn Abena premium diapers, their X-Plus. Those diapers would occasionally leak a bit so I took to wearing a lined plastic pant over them, especially at home, and always to bed. I have continued that practice with the 24/7's.

    I could feel like the Abena diapers were somehow not so "diaper-ish," even with the plastic pants over them. With the Dry 24/7's and plastic pants, however, I feel undeniably diapered. It's weird, but not necessarily bad. The lined plastic pants I currently wear have extra rise on the sides, too. That increases the diapered feeling or sensation for me.

    I admit to liking diapers and finding diapers the best solution to a leaky bladder. Feeling diapered is OK with me. Perhaps I'll simply get used to this new combination, or stop wearing the plastic pants so often - if I go without getting the terry-liner wet for a few weeks with the 24/7's, it would seem that there is no longer a need for them. If I get to that point, will I still continue to wear them as frequently as now, just for the feeling? I don't honestly know.
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    I have the same questions. I do have bladder issues, read about them in my posting in the incontinence forum, but I somehow have become a DL also. My girlfriend turned me on to the fetish side of it as it were, anyone's thoughts on the subject? Is it just some weird/odd coping mechanism?

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    Oh, and just for everyones information, I'm not a child by any means, and I don't feel the need to act babyish or childlike in any fashion. I believe that is degrading, humiliating, and disgusting. I know its a very passive fetish which may show one's vullnerabilities according to in-depth research, the childish part isn't for me, but to each their own.

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    Since I get comfort and security from diapers an emotional response to wearing them will follow. While I dislike wearing diapers at times does little to detract from the positive experience I have wearing and using diapers. I do obsess over wetting anything other than my diaper, that is, leaks. But I'm OK with that, too. Since switching to premium disposable diapers and a lined over-pant, I've not had a single leak. Never once has any diaper leak gone beyond my plastic pants. That's a good result for me, something I like.

    Being more aware of my diapers now has also given rise to more mixed feelings, come to think of it. That's also understandable. The difference now is that both the positive and the negative feelings have simply gotten stronger. I hadn't realized that, but that's understandable, too. Cool.

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    I have wondered about this topic for some time. One example I have tried to compare it to is prosthetics. Does someone who is fitted with an artificial arm or leg ever develop a prosthesis fetish? The fetish does exist. Perhaps diapers are unique as they encompass more than one fetish trigger. One: they are relatively considered taboo. Two: they are a regressive trigger (see my other posts) Three: as jeffgreen posted above: Is it a coping mechanism?

    The reason for my intrigue is my jealousy of someone incontinent. I have imagined having a simple answer to wearing diapers. (gunna wear em' anyway though!)

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    I have read these posts about an hour after getting up and this is the time of day when I try to manage without a diaper for a couple of hours. As I sit here I am dry but anxious and maybe need to qualify that word "dry" as I have dribbled a little into the double thickness at the front of my briefs - nor enough to worry about - or so I like to convince myself because my underwear had had to endure this kind of leakage for a lot longer than I have been wearing diapers. I like making the effort to be continent for part of the day and it is part of my personal battle not to let incontinence win.

    Diapers offer me security and comfort - no more rushing to find a toilet or anywhere (legal or otherwise) to take a leak. I can sleep through the night and I love the freed om to live a normal life.

    I don't want to regress to childhood (although second childhood may not be that far away!) but I do want to be in control of my bowels and bladder so I owe diapers a debt of gratitude.

    As for finding a reason to wear diapers - well why beat yourself up - if you want to wear them, wear them.

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    What I'm hoping for is the Magic Miracle Diaper. That diaper would change itself; never permit a rash to develop; and be free of charge. Until that time I'll make do with what's available. That said, this current combination seems best. I'm using a Dry 24/7 with Kins terry-lined polyester pants over it. Truth told, I've never felt this secure in diapers before. I think that I'll be able to go without the extra plastic pant if the performance of the disposable I've noticed so far continues: in three weeks not only has the diaper never leaked, I've never managed to fill it, even after 13.5 hours. I'll continue testing it for a bit before I stop wearing the plastic pants, but I'm hopeful that this is a good solution.

    Granted, it's a lot of diaper to wear under clothes, but not much different than an Abena Super (#2 series) with plastic pants over it. As for "feeling" diapered, my guess is that I'll get used to it and it will become as normal as wearing Abena #4's. I'm OK with that, too, but it's kind of nice to have my DL feelings gratified for a time.

    All in all, I've never felt, or been, so secure in diapers. I've found a winning solution.

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    With lifelong bladder trouble and the occasional bowel issue (not fecal incontinent, but have had plenty of accidents over the years), I've dealt with diapers pretty much my entire life. A lot of dealing with the issue is just the attitude with which you look at it.

    I had plenty of times in my life where I absolutely hated diapers and wanted nothing to do with them. Eventually, I got to the point where I realized I was not really going to have much of a choice and I figured that if I could find some way to make it fun life would be easier. Since then, I found that I get the comfort and security of knowing I won't have an embarrassing accident forcing me to run home to change clothes, and I have also found that I can enjoy being cuddled and cared for by my wife. Considering the issues I had with the treatment from my mother growing up, my wife is very understanding of my needs and desires.

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    I was a bed wetter until I was about 10 years old and then developed urge incontinence as a side effect of surgery when I was 14. Becoming a diaper-dependent pants wetter just as I was starting high school was a devastating experience. My peers were cruel, and my family was so over-protective that they would have kept me at home as a shut-in invalid if I had permitted it. Looking back on those years, I'm surprised that I didn't commit suicide or at least attempt it, but for some reason I held on with the idea that things would get better once I went away to college. Fortunately, that turned out to be true.

    Nevertheless, from the very beginning, diapers have been a source of erotic pleasure for me. I may have hated the ridicule and pain that they brought me, but the sensations of being diapered have always also been very pleasant. In fact, diapers are such an erotic turn-on that I have often wondered how "normal" people manage to get by with nothing more exciting than ordinary sex.

    For many years, the pleasure that I derive from diapers was a source of shame and embarrassment. Fortunately, the advent of the internet and the discovery that there are many other people into the same thing has enabled me to become much freer of guilt.

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    I can relate with you 100% Iconinmiss. I just accept that wearing provides me the security and comfort I need to enjoy life and feels good at the same time.

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    I'm in the same boat as many of the people in this thread (especially Analog). There are times when I rejoice over my diapers and other times when I hate wearing them. I'll sometimes get to the point, like I did a few days ago, when I'll go with a Depend pull-up during the day just to feel like I'm wearing regular underwear. Then I'll have a flood, a horrible embarrassing leak and it's back to the Dry 24/7. I've had an overactive bladder and IBS my entire life and could fill up a book with all the stories of accidents and, yet, it took me a long time to accept my diapers. I honestly think AB type stuff is a good coping mechanism for me. And, I would not be able to live a "normal" active life without my diapers.

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