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Thread: If more people in the world knew about *B/DLism...

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    Default If more people in the world knew about *B/DLism...

    Do you think it would cause a few more people to get into it? Or about the same?

    I think there would be a few curious kittens who would try it and like it. But even then, we should be careful of who we expose to it. We may enjoy it but they just don't feel the same way. It's the mentality itself that holds the enjoyment of the fetish and much less the objects of it.

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    I think that this is something that either you feel the desire to wear diapers or you don't. There must be a number of people who feel the desire but don't engage because they feel it's wrong, or weird, and they just don't want to be that middle aged guy with the pot belly, looking silly in a diaper. These people might be more inclined to engage once they discover that there are more and more people doing this. There's a sense of courage and safety in numbers, so yes, if it was more wide spread and known, there might be these added numbers.

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    It depends on the type of exposure.. People's reaction to wearing diapers or acting like a baby doesn't really mature passed the preschool playground level. For some reason in my life I have come to find that diapers for most people are one of the touchiest/most embarrassing subjects in any conversation and it's one of the only things to reduce any level of maturity right back down to grade school. Sure it's "hip" today to be kind and supportive about people's conditions, but that seems to only goes so far.

    Also, the fetish itself is commonly related to a lot of very evil, disgusting mental sicknesses by people who have no idea what they are talking about. And to the others it's just confusing. I think if we got more of exposure we normally get, it wouldn't necessarily do any good to the community or gain too many members, even though I'm proud of who I am and I love the community. Sure, there might be a spark in a very very small group of people who may try i out, but 1/100000 times if you have the fetish you KNOW. I mean we all found our way to this site (or all of the others) alone right? Something was naturally driving us here.

    But with all of that said, with the way our world works, I'm sure if Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Thom Yorke, Chris Martin, Oprah, Jimmy Fallon, Howard Stern, Taylor Swift, and a bunch of other cult leader celebrities went into the media preaching that acting like a baby and wearing diapers was cool, hip, healthy, and great, I'm sure that the ABUniverse and XP medical sites would crash and basically the whole adult diaper industries would sky rocket times a zillion.

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    I agree with dogboy 110%, either you have the fetish or you dont, but like he said I bet more people with this fetish would come out of the woodwork, and my thoughts on that are that it would be much more acceptable then, because the more people into it, the less strange it would be. Just look back in history at other things considered taboo or weird, such as gays and lesbians, 50 years ago you didnt see much talk about it and now they are getting married on tv, and the list goes on. This is one reason I am anti social, is because society always wants to conform to what everyone else is doing, I think if people quit worrying about what other people think or say the world may be a better place. And like Cloud said, if an actor or someone came forward with a diaper fetish, then people would accept it, what a society we live in, its sad but its true.

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    Just because you know about homosexuality doesn't mean you want to become gay, it's something you are or aren't. Maybe more people would try it or be more accepting but I doubt that more people would actually enjoy it. It may seem like there would be more of us as people would be unafraid to come out of the closet over it but that's about it.

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    If people have the ABDL desires in them, but don't understand them or think they're alone, then they probably won't act upon them. So, in that sense, more people knowing about ABDLism may result in more active ABDLs. However, I strongly doubt that anyone who isn't already ABDL in some form would decide to become one.

    A wider knowledge of ABDLism would be good for ABDLs. If people know what we are, and what we aren't, then they are much more likely to be accepting.

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    I can see these things becoming accepted in time but I certainly would not expect to see a rise in AB-ism (other than through people coming out of the woodwork)however I do feel that we will see the use of diapers for convenience (rather than fetish) grow significantly in the future. I believe the latter is already well underway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard1 View Post
    I do feel that we will see the use of diapers for convenience (rather than fetish) grow significantly in the future. I believe the latter is already well underway.
    What? how?

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    I believe there are probably alot of people who have thought about and even fantasized about diapers or some form of regression but as life quickly gets busy from early adulthood they either forget about the thoughts or deem it too risky to explore. An idea or concept like this takes some time to sort out and takes an amount of bravery to explore. The longing for being pampered and letting the stress of life melt away in a minute is not far from most people's minds. The pathway there is complex as the human mind is diverse but pshycologically speaking the path to regression is not that unusual. Some find that simply rocking themselves or surrounding themselves in an extra soft blanket at night is soothing wich is not far from infintilism. Now, speak to a crowd and they will scream "nay", but, speak to an individual and they may be inquisitive. It's a learned societal pressure to blend in with the masses. It's the survival in numbers instinct and a fear of rejection.

    I, for one, as a teen was obsessed with diapers until my folks caught me with them and made me feel stupid. I quickly deemed them to be an "experiment" and went to school and got a job and did the status quo of growing up. Life happened. But I recently explored the thought of diapers and to my ablolute excitement and glee found that they make them for abdl interested seekers. 4 months ago I had no idea what abdl was. I had no idea I could order poofy reliable diapers online with baby patterns on them.

    Interestingly, I am relieved that the abdl community is small. It's like a quiet, secret world. A playground for the inquisitive and true-to-themselve's. No fakers. No pretenders. It's one of the few fetishes that is not washed up in overmarketing or shame-on-you stigmas. A simple non-offensive escape for the kind-hearted.

    Interesting question though!

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    Personally I prefer to have it just a specific few to know about it. I don't care about view occasions of public exposures of *B/DLism, but I like the well thought out advice contributed by the people on adisc. Where we are in the 21st century... I just think some people just absolutely closed minded and ignorant. Like what hotstuff said, a secret world for ourselves.

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