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Thread: never messed before, advice?

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    Default never messed before, advice?

    i am usually just a wetter, but recently ive been considering messing. i know that i need to be alone in the house etc, but is there anything else i should consider? can you use any old diaper?

    ive only decided to try it as recently i woke up wet and came VERY close to doing it by accident, resulting in a 5am sprint down the hallway in tshirt and diaper only.... this being vvvvvvv risky as i live with my parents and siblings!

    any advice appreciated

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    Just hang out in a diaper till nature calls, relax and let it go. It's not that big a deal, just have a simple plan to dispose of it and clean up afterwards.

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    is it greatly differnet to wetting though? im kind of nervous that ill do it then freak out.

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    I think it's a more intense, baby like feeling, but I don't think you will freak out. Just be sure you can take a shower afterward, as that's the easiest way to clean up.

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    Crack a window or light a candle when your done too if you are messing in any other place besides the bathroom.

    Have fun

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    It is pretty awesome feeling, makes you feel very much like a baby. Just make sure you can get to the bathroom as soon as you need to, to rinse off in the shower.

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    make sure that you have a zip lock or good garbage bag to put it in once you are don't and that its close to garbage day so it doesn't linger in or around the house for too long. you will need to shower afterwords and have some good wipes if needed to clean up before showering.

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    Eat bread and relax. If you totally relax, you will feel pretty strange and twitch when crapping yourself without any clench or push.

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    Personally I don't like it except if it really loose. Otherwise I smell it in 5 seconds and i go straight to the bathroom whenever I mess. I guess it's just not for everybody

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    whenever i'm in the mood (and the right diaper) to mess, i'll usually wait for a day or so (i only go once every day anyway) to kind of build it up. make sure that you have everything set up in the bathroom like a plastic bag, paper towels/toilet paper and a change of clothes. (i always change a messy diaper in the bathroom so i can shower most of it off...being that my shower is on the same pipe as the toilet anyway)
    i'll usually only do it at night in various positions (on my back, side, stomach; squatting, or even just sitting at my desk) so that i can kind of enjoy it more.

    be sure you use plenty of powder/oil so you don't get a rash.

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