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Thread: recommendations: very small diapers for adults? (25/26)

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    Default recommendations: very small diapers for adults? (25/26)

    Ok, I am one confused puppy and i got like 50 questions, so please read through my ramblings! I suffer from occasional bed-wetting and use depends, although they don't fit too terribly well. My problem is that my waste is only a 25/26 and medium (what they mostly sell in stores) is 28, so i'm stuck with product which doesn't fit. Can someone recommend something for extremely tiny people like myself?

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    I would try molicare super plus, sized small. You are lucky because the smaller size is lower in price.

    There are also abena S4 also available from amazon: Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Fitted Briefs Small - 22 ea: Health & Personal Care

    Also from this seller there is the small Tranquility ATN:

    I have ordered from this seller (northshore care) via amazon before, and they shop discreetly in a plain brown box.

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    Please, what about the diaper doesn't fit? I've learned to wear a diapers a bit larger than is recommended. There is less chafing in the legs and more coverage all around. On some the tapes nearly touch in front, and the "wings" from the front extend all the way to the padding in the back. I use only diapers with leak barriers in the legs, by the way, so it's not necessary to have legs so tight.

    As Foxy offered, there are many good diapers in Size Small, but what's not working about the next larger size?

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    My waist size is also a 25/26, and I hate how I drown in medium sized diapers. I have been very happy with the small Molicare Super Pluses and the Abena Abri Form S4. Both fit wonderfully and don't go halfway up my back like most medium diapers do. I'd totally recommend them from one small person to another small person, they're worth it. Once you find that these small diapers fit really well you'll never go back to drowning in medium diapers ever again.

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    Much bigger and the diaper gets baggy/droopy which makes for a poor fit.

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    Like with some clothes sizing there are variances between brands as to what one manufacturer or another thinks is suitable for a certain size - best to shop around and use free samples to help decide what is best for you.

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    Abena makes a small and xsmall sizes.
    Extra Small 20” to 24” 14 oz.
    Small 24” to 34” 24 oz.

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    What is good for daytime wearing? I know molycare/abina would work at night because they're thick as heck, but what about daytime stuff? Do they make cloth backed ones small so as to be discrete? If it helps at all, i'm one of those 27 year olds who watches fox news and bloomberg! (go ahead and cringe now, lols.)

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    Abena says they are going to manufacture only cloth backed diapers. That might be what you're looking for, though they don't make it now, to my knowledge.

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    Have you thought of plastic pants? This would only help the night time, but it would help nonetheless.

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