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Thread: Bladder capacity

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    Default Bladder capacity

    Has anyone ever measured how much your bladder holds by peeing into something you can measure it with? I'm curious to know what the average amount someone can hold is.

    The reason is, when I was in the rehab hospital, after the regular catheter was removed, and it was hoped that my urine would come out on it's own, (which it didn't for almost 2 weeks), they routinely used ultra sound to determine whether or not I needed to be catheterized again to drain my bladder. That was done 4 to 5 times in a 24 hour period. And if they went much more than 6 hours between, like when I was asleep, my bladder was so full they were afraid it would rupture before it drained. I have, or at least did have at that time, an extra large bladder. (It had been stretched out from years of holding my urine at work for long periods of time). And when it was full, they drained it into a measured container, and I sometimes had over 35 ounces of urine in there. This is documented in my records at the hospital. After the first 4 days, I told the nurses that I knew how to self catheterize, because they were killing me with there rough handling of my naughty bits. So I did it until I began to pee on my own again. I don't know why it took so long for my bladder to begin to drain again on it's own, but I was sure glad when it did. I hate catheters. Now, I don't think I hold nearly as much, as I'm no longer able to control my bladder, so I think it's shrunk back down to a more normal size.

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    no i never measured mine but it might be interesting to try sometime.

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    I believe the average is around 16-20oz. It varies from person to person depending on body type, height, weight, and etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    I believe the average is around 16-20oz. It varies from person to person depending on body type, height, weight, and etc.
    That sounds about right. I've just about filled a 16oz cup before when my bladder was pretty full.


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    I'll have to messure sometime, but all I know at the moment is that I can hold it for about 9-12 hours.

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    I can only hold about 200 mL or 6.76 oz I have a really small bladder.

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    I've heard of pissing contests, but this is ridiculous. I think Groucho Marx said that. Anyway, it sounds like you had a nasty operation. When I had my back operated on, I couldn't urinate either. A middle aged female nurse taught me how to catheterize myself. It was conditional on being able to leave the hospital, so I consented. Finally after several weeks, the ability to pee finally kicked in, and what a great day that was, as it was also tied into other things the penis likes to do. The things we have to go through!

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    Now are we talking absolute "have an accident" capacity... or just where the first need to pee kicks in? As I am continuously diapered I don't really have a way of measuring my capacity... but I would imagine by the frequency and amount that I wet that it has probably shrunk in size since my 24/7 bit started.

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    I have kidney problems, and one of the tests they do is a VCUG.

    They cath me, and fill my bladder up as full as I can take it.

    It starts to hurt at around 25 oz, but I always try to get to 30+, which is optimum to get a good test reading.

    But as far as normal hold-age, mine is tiny. I've been trained to go as soon as I get the inkling that I miiight have to pee (cuz of my condition), so I go about 8+ times a day, but all very little.

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    The last time I had a test called 'Urodynamics Testing' I had a bladder capacity of only 20ml (or = 0.676280454 US fluid ounces) as you can imagine this is why I wear diapers!

    I had a catheter in for over 6 years at one point, now I cannot have one as I immediately get an infection.



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