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Thread: Closer than a close call??? Dear Me!!!!!!!!

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    Default Closer than a close call??? Dear Me!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, most scary thing happened to me today!!

    I only had a few "supplies" left because im into a purge, so not really interested at the moment. This meant i only had 4 pampers left, and a worn, but dry.. drynite. I left them in my draws, hidden inside some shorts at the bottom.

    Just some passed information, a good 4 or 5 years ago when i got into this scene i told my mum about it. THinking it was a fetish at the time etc, i tried to explain it to her but she just laughed it off calling me silly.

    I got caught a few times, and then convinced her it was a weird stage i went through.

    Ever since then I've kept this low kee, in fear of being caught. A few months ago i got really "into" this, and for some reason told my mum i think i wet the bed a few times. This was more of a back up plan in case i got caught!

    SO, recently i started moving rooms. I moved all my clothes etc into the new room, and started to get everything ready. Today whilst being out of the house, my parents worked most of the day and got the rest ready for me.

    The down side to this, is my mum occasionally re-organises my draws... and yes she found those 4 pampers!

    I called her up here just now and spoke to her, luckily straight away she assumed it was from the "wetting" (stress) and said don;t worry about it! God i feel so relieved, from the time it took from me calling her up, to seeing her face, i was sooo petrified it was terrible.

    Can't believe i got off the hook! Result

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    Ahh, yes. Complacency snatches another victim. I've been through what you have, with oddly similar circumstances. The best thing you can do now is try and move on from what happened, what's done is done. Trying to bring it up again with your mother is pretty much just reopening old wounds, just try and avoid the subject.

    And for the future, you can't be too careful. I know it can be tempting to leave your diapers somewhere that's within easy reach, but just remember: if you can get to them easily, so can anyone else. Try to hide your diapers in more creative places, like in your car if you have one. Look here for articles on better hiding your diapers, or similar stories where other people have been found out, learn from their mistakes so you can avoid them yourself. Moo has a nice article here on keeping diapers to yourself.

    Good luck.

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    I can't improve on Spirit's advise. Just remember that time is on your side. As the months pile up, things are mostly forgotten. It becomes old news, mercifully so.

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    I'm really lucky. I get all the privacy I want and more from my parents, so I really don't have to go to too much effort to hide them. As long as they are not in plain sight. For a few months I had a couple packages under my bed even, where all one would have to do is crouch down or really even go on your knees on the other side of the room to see something under there.

    Right now I "hide" them in a large storage tote with some other items. If worse came to worst I could always hide them in the ceiling tiles, I guess, but I can't ever imagine I'll have the need for that.

    And before anyone asks, yes, I'm IC when I sleep, and I haven't told my parents. And if found, that would be a...difficult reason for them to believe, even though I have a prior (known) history of that as a child, given that my diapers have teddy bears all over the front. /shrug

    I need them, and I like them, and I like the whole AB thing, so why not get something I can enjoy more, eh?

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