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    So this Christmas ill be watching my moms house from Friday until Monday, which I'm looking forward to since it'll be a total diaper weekend. although this does lead to a question... will going an entire weekend diapered the whole time make me incontinent at all? I'm trying to avoid going incontinent.

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    Donīt worry. Even if you wanted to, your body wonīt forget about toilet training within a few days.
    Have fun ^^

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    Yeah have fun!!! You've had years of potty training i'm sure it wont be lost in a few day ^^

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    great. I've been looking forward to this since I found out. ill finish making my cloth diapers and stock up on some disposable for when the cloths need to be washed

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    I've been wearing non-stop since the 26th of August and, whilst I do think I've become a bit diaper trained, I wouldn't say I've lost any control. If I were to stop wearing I doubt anything embarrassing would be likely to happen. So, if you're only wearing for a weekend you'll almost certainly be fine.

    Enjoy it

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