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    Question Depends tips/help

    Hello everybody i cant order online soi cant get any abenas bambinos or any good diapers,infact i never even tried any of them, so the only diapers i have access to are,Depends maximum protection, cvs fitted brieffs,and i think thats it,

    Anyway,i plan on getting more depends((tragic)),so im gonna needs some tips like:
    Is there anyway to make them thicker or crinkle louder,anything to make them more enjoyable?

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    I just fired Depends!! but i'd suggest getting boosters for them to help, and i always used plastic pants (pink of course ^^) that seemed make a good crinkle for me

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    It may sound weird, but i always point my "friend" up to take advantage of the absorbency at the top.

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    Take adavantage of the absorbancy at top?

    What do you mean?

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    I "Think" what they mean is, on the packaging for the diapers there is an absorbency chart rating the product from 1-??, the one's i just got show a 4 out of 5 absorbency rating. I'm not really sure where most brands put this on the package but look in the front corners or back information panel

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    Stuff them with cheap diapers.

    I stuff the depends maximum protection with cheap diapers i get from thrift stores for about $5 a bag.

    Cut the tape area off and punch holes in the backing and use 1 to 3 under the depends.

    With three you wattle a bit when soaked but you can empty a full bladder about 3 to 4 times before they are really soaked and feel great

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    just double diaper. i use a Walgreens diaper which is more absorbent but doesn't have the crinkly backing a depends has, and then the depends on top. thick and crinkly and absorbant

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    I've heard of people just cutting a piece of a plastic shopping bag and taping it to the back of the diaper. That should help with the crinkle. Just make sure it's not too taut or it will be more useless than an empty packet of Skittles.

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    I'm an avid Depends diaper wearer here. When putting the diaper on, put the bottom tapes on and makes sure you get a tight/snug seal on the leg holes by taping them even and upwards. The middle tapes should go parallel with your waist and then pull the top of the front of the diaper tight against your body as you tape the top tabs downwards to create a tight seal around your waist. Wear plastic pants if you have them.. I believe they are crucial against leaks, crinkles, odors, and security for any diaper really, but especially depends. It depends on how heavy of a wetter you are, but I usually don't pee more than two-three times. Change often and use a generous amount of lotion and powder when you do.

    Most importantly, enjoy!

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    I have found that by putting slits in two, and covering it up with another equalls one M-4. It has been working great for me. No leaking out the rear legs or waist. My insurance co won"t buy good ones so I triple them up for a quality diaper!

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