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Thread: Can you relate?

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    Default Can you relate?

    Body hair is awesome, it makes me feel that much more furry.

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    Body hair is not good for me, as I have a horrible skin infection because I'm so hairy.

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    I can't stand body hair!!! lol if it's hairy i shave it!!! well except my head, i look like Uncle Fester though you young'ns might not know who that is

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    I use to keep it under control but as I got older it grew way too quick and everywhere. I have some of that north European heritage so I have a lot of it. So I eventually questioned myself: why am I doing this? And I came to accept it and now I love it!

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    I'm thinking about removing it myself, will have to do more research before deciding though.

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    Don't like being so hairy (~_~,)
    I'd prefer being hairless, or at least slighty fuzzy, but if I try to shave I always end up getting really bad razor bumps.

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    Pfff i love body hair :P rocking a nice beard and long hair (though beard is kept in check) i don't think i could go back to short hair and clean shaven at this point

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    I wanted to shave all of my hair off, just to see what it would be like (except for my head)..

    Now, I find it enjoyable to be shaven completely, from the neck down.

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    I can say from first hand, to avoid razor bumps, make sure you use a New (or less then 3 uses) razor, use a good "soothing" shave cream and go slow!!!! nothing like razor burn or a nicked coin purse to ruin a good day!!

    Also don't use "Hair removal" products i.e Nair or anything like that,,, it says on the bottle "Not to be used on the genitals" for a reason... fyi i don't used to read warning

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