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    Default bored and lonely

    Hi tonight my gf is going out so i am left lonely all not which I'm not use to although my parents are home I just lock myself in my bedroom I dunno Wat I'm going to do I haven't been away from here for one day for like 2years.

    Any ideas or just a chat?

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    Read a book? Watch a movie? Play a video-game? Go out by yourself? Watch TV? Write something? Go on Wikipedia all evening?

    Lots of things to do O.o

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    i found out some football is on so i will watch that but then dont know what to do then, im afraid i dont like reading

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkinz View Post
    im afraid i dont like reading
    I didn't like reading all through high school, but I'll tell you that ever since then I've constantly had my nose in a book. It's a great way to fully escape outside life for an hour or two and it's very beneficial for your brain. Sometimes when boredom really strikes it's because your unconscious is crying out for a new hobby or something new in your life or routine, because there are always truly plenty of things to do when you're bored.. they just aren't appealing to you at the time and that begins to bring you down. It doesn't have to be reading a book, but try something new that you wouldn't normally do (that isn't harmful/negative) and you'll kick boredom until next time.

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    ok then thank you i will try and find something new to do, and hopefully time will fly thanks for help everyone appriciate it.

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