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    Default My experiences in hospital

    Back in September I underwent some fairly big surgery on my shoulder which saw me in hospital for nearly a week. The first few days after the op were very painful and I spent most of the time doped up on Morphine.

    I am incontinent (read some of my other posts) and wear pads in the day time and diapers in the night. I also feel that I am becoming much more of a DL. This first started as a coping mechanism but I think I am starting to enjoy more.

    Anyway, I digress.

    At my pre-op appointment I explained the nurse about my 'other' medical needs and said that I feel really embarrassed about this and that this was causing me real stress before the op. She was really nice and made notes on my notes for the nurses / doctors during the op.

    On arrival to hospital I brought in a good supply of my own pads and nappies to last the week I would be in. Everyone was really nice and hardly said anything.

    During the first night after the op I woke up in lots of pain and they had to give me strong morphine. During this time two nurses kindly changed me and put on a new diaper for me. During the next couple of day (I couldn't really get out of bed) my wife changed me when she came to visit and the the nurses / health care assistants changed me in the mornings at wash time.

    I must admit that I was really surprised by the kindness shown by all concerned. I was even given a few Tena belted diapers to take home as I was running low on the last day.

    I feel that I was really well cared for and because I spent some time before the op explaining the situation everyone was nice.

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    This is great - really encouraging to hear "good news stories". Hope you are fully recovered and that the pain has gone.

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    I've just been released from hospital after a nasty bout of gastroentiritis...I took myself to A&E last week with severe abdominal pains and before I knew it I was whisked away upto a ward where I was kept for several days. Unfortunately for me, due to the fact that I was away for university I was stuck in hospital with nothing but the clothes I was wearing and a spare tena slip in my rucksack. My girlfriend and family were 200+ miles away and there was nobody to go to my university room to go and get any spare clothes or "real" diapers for my incontinence, so unfortunately I had to suffer hospital gowns and pads with net pants combined with bed-pads for the majority of my stay....needless to say, I wasnt at all impressed due to the fact that I had to change twice as often and be extra vigilent of any leaks etc as I moved around the bed/ward!

    I was really surprised that a major regional hospital only had flat pads for use in net pants, I did my best to try and get all-in-ones, but to no avail. Nonetheless, the nurses were fantastic, discreet and knew about all of my continence issues before they even talked to me which I thought was good. They also treated me as if there was nothing at all wrong with me

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    I'm not trying to be negative, but I am a realist. In some instances, times of severe stress makes me more accident prone, shal I say. How do you convince a young nurse/PA that a young otherwise healthy male like myself wears protection? They like to think its all a fetish. I have no official medical documentation, but will be getting things checked out soon. See my post in this forum.

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    Welsh Dragon - The net pants and pads thing is (I suspect) very much a matter of sheer economics - For years incontinence advisers have tried to get everyone to use these as the first option for incontinence and many people have had to fight to get all in ones or other things that suit their life style and work for them. The advantage for hospitals and car homes is that the pads can pretty well be "one size for everyone" so stock control and re-ordering are less complex than for fitted nappies.

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    My rule is always be prepared and carry diapers with you where ever you go. It is who you are and the nurses will help you. You do not have to expain to anyone

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