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Thread: Kim Jong Il is dead

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    Default Kim Jong Il is dead

    For those who don't know- North Korean dictator Kim Jong Ill is dead. I just saw it on CNN as I just got home from a Christmas party I was at. One thing concerns me right now- with Kim Jong Ill dead is what might happen in that part of the world.

    North Korea is known to be unpredictable. It leaves one to wonder what might happen. All I know is this- I am going to keep my TV glued to the news and find out more given how unstable the North and South Korean relationship can be.


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    I hope, I bloody hope that this means a new era for NK, and that they'll finally move into the modern world. Us with our smart phones and ipads and hover cars... they'll think they've entered a time machine :O. I just hope they don't try to create a war, they'd be hammered into the ground so quick it would be unreal.

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    I don't think this will change anything. Kim Jong Il had three sons to choose and groom to succeed him. He has most probably chosen the one that's going to carry on his twisted little legacy of human rights violations, creating a nation both frozen in time and brainwashed into worshipping in a cult of personality.

    I think that last point is the most pertinent here. A lot of the population goes along with the dictatorship willingly, and because of their isolation, knows no better. It's literally all they know. They grew up with it, they live, breath and eat it. There won't be any uprising, or revolution now that he's dead. There'll instead be the expectation of another "god-like" Leader to take his place. Cue Kim Jong-un. Power corrupts, and give a twenty something year old absolute power over a country and it will corrupt him absolutely (if his father hasn't already managed that).

    However, having said that. Woooot another murdering douchebag's dead. Hoorah!
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    I have a horrible feeling, this could lead to war in the Korean Peninsula, I personally think this is a powder keg waiting to explode

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    It'll be like nothing changed. His son was trained and groomed to behave and run his country exactly as he had. The people, however, say they want a democracy. Under that rule, though, I don't think it'll happen. They might revolt, possibly, though. I'm curious as to what might happen.

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    You know, I've said the same thing since the late '90s. I hope it doesn't as the US is still technically at war with North Korea. Not many people know that there is a treaty yeah- but the US is still bound to honor that treaty. We have a major presence in South Korea and I've always told people- 'Be more weary of North Korea than Iraq- they're more unpredictable than Iraq." I always thought that we should have paid more attention to North Korea.

    North Korea is an isolationist state and when they do allow media it's often quite the spectacle. I remember last October I was up before work one Sunday morning and I was watching a military parade live on CNN. I also saw a mass games event at the largest stadium in the world on later replays. BTW- North Korea has the largest stadium, seating at least 150,000 people- YES, 150,000 people. I am not lying on that fact. It's known as May Day Stadium- look it up.

    It's a shock to me because I didn't expect this to happen til at least 2014 or so. Wow.... what an interesting day so far....


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    Mmmm Korea are like china and have an obsession with games. but not the football or rugby type games. i'm talking about starcraft 2 and WoW. the professionals over there are like super-stars. they get all the money, girl and stuff like that.

    But anyway, who knows. maybe this might turn out good for Korea. even though its his son that's taking over at lest its not him staying in power for a few more years. the son could start wriggling Korea out of their isolation ((could... not likely, but still could)

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    well they'll just pretend he's still alive somehow in some form like they did with kim il sung

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mornavial View Post
    Mmmm Korea are like china and have an obsession with games. but not the football or rugby type games. i'm talking about starcraft 2 and WoW. the professionals over there are like super-stars. they get all the money, girl and stuff like that.
    Korea DPR (North Korea) has no esports tradition at all. You are confusing them with the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

    I also feel that I should point out that (association) Football is the most popular sport in both Koreas and in China, and that while esports is relatively big in China South Korea still has a much bigger scene.

    (Sorry, I'm bitter because Huk lost this morning T.T )

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    Kim Jung is dead, long live Kim Jung.

    That's exactly what I think will happen, nothing.

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