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Thread: So it's pretty cool...

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    Default So it's pretty cool...

    I've begun to indulge the AB side of myself! Until now it had been strictly DL but I have just procured a bottle and a few pacifiars and it's great!

    To make this more of a discussion; what was your first time indulging in AB like?

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    I think the first time I really indulging my AB side could be described as snuggly Me (with a paci and padded) and my plushies all snuggling in a heap on the floor. Loved it

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    I felt very guilty but also enjoyed it a lot. But now that I have accepted myself so no guilt and much more enjoyment. Love being AB.

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    I forget what my first official time was like; I suppose it's been a while.

    If I want to designate an official first of sorts, I guess I do recall my first time buying a pair of footed pajamas. The first time I slipped into it...AMAZING ^^ I never really felt guilty. It just felt so right, like I had been searching for it forever and finally found it.

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    I haven't really been able to get over the embarrassment and finally let my guard down such that I can really indulge in ABDL. However I look forward to when I have a situation that enables that, hopefully it will happen this winter break. =D

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    My first time was in March 2010. At the time, I didn't expect to get diapers for quite some time, so I tried sucking my thumb since it doesn't cost money. It was amazing, and a couple months later in May, I bought my first pacifier after doing well on my exams.

    I also remember trying on footed pajamas at Target that winter on a whim. I discovered I really liked them, even more than pacifiers (which were my favorite AB item prior to that.)

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    I don't specifically remember the first time I tried other babyish stuff, but...
    My "first time" was trying a pair of my brother's old leftover pullups he'd never used (this was a couple years after he was already trained). I thought the design was cute and babyish, but it didn't fit right. I think I was always into feeling babyish, more *B than DL, even if I didn't wanna admit it to myself. Diapers only seemed easier to accept to myself, at first.

    The most memorable time was when I fell asleep for the night in a diaper, plus a dress with a denim top part & blue-ish plaid skirt part. This was waaaaay back when I had my own room & it actually had a lock for a while. I fell asleep so easily & I felt so happy and right.

    Another memorable time was... watching Star Trek 4, while stuffing a half a roll of paper towels & toilet paper in my underwear. Not the best "diaper".... but.... it was okay at the time. I also remember I had instant ramen noodles that afternoon. I think I was 13 or so. I think I had wanted a paci, but I couldn't find any of my old ones to wash.

    I sorta remember when I got most of my plushies (Especially my favorite Tails plushie), pacis, sippy cup, and bottle.

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    The first official time was when I got my first footed sleeper in 1999. It was exciting.

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    Hey bender what if i was fry from futrama that would be awesome

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    My first time was laying in the floor in a diaper with a brand new coloring book i'd bought, I hadn't colored in sooooo long i'd forgotten just how much FUN it was!!

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