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Thread: Which kind of diaper??

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    Question Which kind of diaper??

    My best friend said that he would buy me diapers for Christmas!!!
    These are my first ones, so we aren't sure about which kind would be best, any suggestions from some of you with more experience?
    I would prefer them to be quiet, because i want to wear them around without it being really obvious, not too thick, but still comfy, and i'm not sure about what will fit me, i'm '5"2 and weigh about 120lbs. (i'm a girl, 16) I would prefer to not have to but adult ones, (if possible!)

    Thanks for any comments, and advise!

    Also, just wondering- what does ADISC stand for?

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    you should probably put a thread in the intro forum.

    that said, i'd say that if you'd rather not get adult ones, then you should try different ones at your local store. you'd probably fit a lot of the training pants/ bedwetting diapers, since i'm a guy and could fit into goodnites pretty effortlessly. (i weigh 130 at 6'2")

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    Well you could shoot for goodnights and you could probably squeeze into the larger pampers sizes too.

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    If you want quiet, underjams are the way to go, but they do rip easily.

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    About Teddy Diapers : Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

    These are adult, but with a babyish flair to them.

    I have a 30in waist and the tapes are pretty far apart on me - top tapes are probably 4-5 in away from touching, the bottom ones, over 7. So I'm pretty sure that even though they say 31-42 that's just not the case. I honestly cannot see them fitting a 42 in waist at all. Not even close.

    They aren't terribly quiet, though. In my experience "diaper crinkle" is not really a sound people notice or hone in on.

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    It depends on what you're mainly looking for. Where will u wear them? Will u wet them?

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    no don't plan on wetting, and ill wanna wear them around my house, and my friends house possibly, maybe to the store or something.

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    is there ways around the ripping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Msblowfish View Post
    is there ways around the ripping?

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    I would say huggies size 6 should definitely fit you, they can be stretched a little if needed, but I dont think you would need to, and they would be very quiet. What ever kind you get, if you get home and they are too small, just cut the tabs off of another diaper and use them to connect the diaper together.

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