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Thread: What do you want me to (DRAW) you for christmas

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    Default What do you want me to (DRAW) you for christmas

    Wether here in japan or the states, the holiday bug will find you and make you feel the holiday joy. and as a special present to all of adisc for christmas, Qwanza, hanaqau, or any other holiday cheer.

    I decided to ask 1 thing!

    What would you like me to draw for you

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    A picture that shows what Qwanza is. Yes I'm completely serious. Either that or a white rabbit in steam punk looking clothes.
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    Draw me one of those Sour Patch Kids wearing a backwards baseball cap and gangster pants, with his Sour Patch boxers at his waist but the gangster pants at the knees. Also he needs to have Beats by Dr Dre earphones on his head and there should be a mob of angry Swedish Fish behind him because he is listening to bad music on bad earphones. The setting is a romantic beach sunset except the sun is actually a halved chocolate orange, and the horizon line is wavy like you see in 5-year-olds' drawings of the ocean. And the sun, and the ocean, you know.

    Also draw me looking really cool! And punching the gangster candy in the FACE!

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    It depends. What CAN you draw?

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    I want a flaming human skull with scorpions pouring out of its open mouth with the caption It's Clobbering Time! in the same font used by Iron Maiden.

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    Draw transexual goku carrying bowls of rice and a umbrella. Or you could draw me in anime form with diaper with a anarchy symbol on it.
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    The most adorable dragonite in diapers ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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