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Thread: Xmas - What are you "GIVING"?

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    Default Xmas - What are you "GIVING"?

    We've covered what you want, need, or even wish for this Christmas so now it's time to flip that coin.

    As the topic title says. I'll go first.

    To Noname:

    - Technine snowboard beanie
    - Technine logo medal pendant
    - Technine 1/4 hoodie
    - Technine Familia 2 dvd
    - Threadless - Ghost in the Darkness tee
    - Threadless - Lion Fumes tee
    - GremlinZ snowboard dvd
    - Fright Rag's Limited Ed. Gremlins tee
    - Lion of the Dead art print
    - MSM Misdirection's Mystery Moth/Myth Deck Playing Cards
    - stocking full of sugar and garbage pail kids

    To Phil:

    - Zombie Liquorice - Shadow Mage tee image here

    To Zotter:

    - Evil Dead 2 blu ray 25th Anniversary Ed.

    To Tyler:

    - Darksiders Xbox360

    To Rocko:

    - Legend of Pizza tee image here

    To Likeshine:

    - assorted awesome of sweets/treats from Trader Joes

    To Secret Santa/Gag gift:

    - Doggie Doo game
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    to my family: a pillow pet, a magnet balls cube, a gun safe, among other things

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    Oh this is a good one!

    Charlie and I are buying a record player together for each other, and just a few other bits and pieces so we've got something to open on Xmas day. I won't tell you what they are since he might read it.

    For my mum I've got a candle holder, which is a metal tree shape (it's very odd but right up her street), for my eldest nephew I've got lots of wildlife books and A magic set, for my niece shes also got a magic set and a Disney princess mug with sweets in it, and two little children's makeup kits, and my youngest nephew has also got a magic set, and a nightlight that's in the shape of a gun and some jumping beans thing that apparently is all the rage in the playground and you can make them do tricks or something.

    My gran got a gift basket which Charlie and I made up ourselves, with candles and hand cream and hot chocolate and fancy jam and tea and chutney and other such things.

    Char lies parents are getting a quiz set and a bottle of wine, and his sister is getting some photo albums and a bottle of some sort too!


    Oh wait, and my bother and sister in law are getting an espresso cup set as a joint present, and then a body shop gift set and a gaming design tshirt as individual presents (see if you can guess which ones for which!)

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    I have only bought one gift this year
    a Acer Iconia Tablet for my sister o~o thank god im getting a laptop to make up for wasted money lol

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    I bought my mother a new Panasonic digital camera so she can take photos of my little brother, since he destroyed her old one, a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition for my best friend who hasn't ever got to play it, some vinyl records for my father (Barry White, America, Skyhooks and Chicago, if you wanted to know), a new graphics card for my friend's gaming PC (AMD Radeon 6850, cost quite a bit but he needs it in order to play all the new games he think's he's getting) and a $50 gift card for my other bestfriend.

    Most of the rest of my family are just getting like $20 gift cards 'cause I have no idea what to buy for them. I probably spent way to much this year ($600), but I wanted to do something nice for people for once.

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    I am giving
    dad- a new book and a christian cd
    mom- two candles
    older brother- a cross
    younger bro- a mario figure
    younger sis-a stuffed bear

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    If I had the money I'd be getting gifts but can't >(u.u)< So I'm saving up a bit for a new years party instead and buying booze for friends hehe. Family I can work out gifts for in the new year >(^.^')<
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    I think Nona and I made the ultimate sacrifice here, one which compares to the greatest acts of self-sacrifice in human history.

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    I've been getting stuff for my friends on Steam, but only 'cause it's on sale and we're all cheap-asses. I wouldn't want a gift from any of them that isn't over 5 dollars :P

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