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Thread: old games in my closet

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    Question old games in my closet

    hi everybody
    I was going through my closet and I came across a whole bunch of super old games. Like, super super old. They're atari games and they're cartridges. I'm not sure if they're worth anything but I was wondering if anybody would know anything about it about maybe help me out.
    There's 9 games all together. They're not in super amazing shape but 6 of them still have their boxes and whatever pamphlets came with them.
    I took some pictures of the boxes that I do have and made an album on Photobucket if it helps. x.x
    I'm sorry if it's all unneccisary information I'd just love for them to be worth hundreds and make a bunch of money. :P
    If you can help I appreciate it and if not thanks for reading!

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    Actually, especially if they have their boxes, those are worth quite a bit. Try listing them on eBay, you could probably get a hundred or so for them. I think they are more common in America than where I live, but you'd still get something.

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    you might not have found a gold mine, but you could still have a pretty decent silver mine.
    those games are cool and im sure any video game collector would love to have them.
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    hey my best advice is to take them to a game shop and get them priced and even sell them while your there. we have a good store in grafton wisconsin and if you wanted just message me on here and i could tell you where in town it is or have you meet me somewhere and i would be more than happy to take you there if you would like

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