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Thread: change table?

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    Default change table?

    hey guys! sorry first post be gentle haha. anyways just curious on how many of you use some sort of changetable? i use the bed for the time being, but looking for something better... maybe some sort of dresser? im from canada pretty expensive to order from a builder.. havent been able to find anyone in canada, so i haft to try other options. any ideas? thx for your time guys look forward to be reading and responding to other posts.

    laterdays neut

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    They are super expensive. Just stick to using your floor or something it saves a ton of money. Check out the prices, they are in the 1,000's. [removed]
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    what a friend of mine did was get two baby changing tables and put them end to end, and then use two of the changing cushions too

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    That's a pretty simple but effective idea - I've got an adult sized changing mat/sheet which I use on the floor, but a change table would be cool to have

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    I'm just going to build one when I get the chance to. I'm good with woodworking and have all of the tools necessary. It wouldn't be very hard to build a simple change table, plus it would save hundreds of dollars and be more personal.


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    That picture is awesome but the person who owns it is very brave having everything on show but i guess he isn't inviting stranger and the general public in lol but it looks kickass

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    I will usually use my bed or floor to change but I do have a makeshift changing table that I built out of a desk. it has a mat that goes on top of it and a board that is the same material as the desk comes up and can be ratcheted into place at any angle wanted. not the best looking but its nice to use once in a while as its easier to have someone else change me or to change one of my other dl friends.

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    I scoured craigslist for awhile until I found a used medical exam table for $50. It has drawers and places to keep supplie. You might also consider finding a used massage table and recovering with a baby print plastic sheet.

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    Default ABDL changing table?

    Has anybody ever tried to put together their own "realistic looking" diaper changing station or is there actually an ABDL one? Or are there flat diaper changing pads/mats which you can put next to one another so they would fit an
    adult who needs to change? Changing on my bed, floor or some other way seems to be impractical.

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