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    I have been wearing diapers for many years and hiding it from my family. I live with both of my parents and commute to school, but I still enjoy wearing them when I get the chance. Both of my parents work full time and getting the house to my self on breaks is quite nice.

    I was home the other day having a very relaxing well padded diapered day. I had just purchased some new diapers. I found a great deal at the Goodwill and couldn't pass them up. They weren't very good, I woke up that morning to a wet wet diaper and wet bed, so I double-diapered (actually triple) and started my day. I read for a bit in the morning and wet a few times, and started to think I should get productive, so I ran out to the store and found a few packs of Attends (just keep reading this gets even crazier) Bought them and headed to the mall. Now remember I am wearing a diaper that is stuffed with two other diapers. It is very thick. I love it that way.... and I started to wet some more. Thinking I should change soon, when I noticed my shoe was untied. I bent over, forgetting that my well padded rear was now exposed. As I stood up I noted the people passing were watching me and looking quickly away... I grinned to myself knowing that I was exposed like that.

    (I know this next part will seem like a story that one could write and I am just making up but...)

    I quickly changed and headed home. I was now wearing two diapers (Attends) that were still quite obvious under my pants. As I pulled up to the house I noticed that my mothers car was there. My heart sank, I realized this might be it. Several years earlier, like eight or nine, my parents found a picture I took of myself wearing, I said I was just curious and we left it alone, but now I was in a diaper had no where to go.

    I stepped out of the car thinking I could slip into the house and then just head straight for my room get out of the diaper and pretend it didn't happen, but when I walked in the house my diaper supply was on the counter. Mom was standing there and looked at me and just giggled. I had left my supply in my room on the bed.

    Needless to say I was peeing right there and she talked to me about it. After a long conversation in the living room and me revealing my wet (very wet) diapers she told me it was okay and I could either tell Dad (which she suggested) or keep on hiding it.

    Well I was scared to tell dad and really didn't want to. I mean I am 20 plus years old and wear and wet diapers. I did decide to tell him and it all worked out. I now have no need to worry about my diapers being left out and if the hear a little crinkle they just know I am all diapered up and protected.

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    You are unbelievably lucky...

    You have parents that each of us dream to have...

    Thanks for sharing your experience hope all goes well for yah.

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    That's great, so nice you have such understanding parents!! Glad you can be open and honest with them, that's a very nice thing

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    Damn! Mine took me to a shrink at a residential facility. I didn't miss living "Girl Interrupted" for real by very much. I'm glad you have such understanding parents. Too bad more of our younger members couldn't have parents like yours. And why not, when you think about it. It doesn't hurt anyone as long as you live a balanced life.

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    I feel very lucky to have told one of my parents are got complete acceptance in return. It's always nice to read of the 'success' stories when you see so many negative reactions posted on the forum.

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    Cong's could have gone bad but good parents will and should always love and accept yhere child.

    Like dogboy my parents caught me when I was 6 and I when through the whole shrink thing, even after that for years they humiliated me for that incident so they could deal with it and ensure I was so ashamed I would never do it again. Like most I simply when into hidding.

    You are luck to have such understand parents. Cong's to you but also to your good parents.

    Well done Parents.

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