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Thread: hi, i'm new

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    Default hi, i'm new

    Hi, my name is marciemark and i live in the netherlands

    I am a teenbaby and my parents know and support me.
    i'm sixteen years old and i'm gay.

    I came to this site because i wanted to chat about diapers and being a baby.

    well, that should be enough about me so far

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    I came to this site because i wanted to chat about diapers and being a baby.
    You've come to the right place, but don't be careless and forget we have a assortment of other scrumptious topics of discussion as well.

    Just don't use your fingers.

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    This seems Deekerish to me... but hey... what do I know??? Welcome to ADISC, new person. ^^

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    Hello, Amsterdam is an amazing city.

    Your name reminds me of the man who should have won best supporting actor in 2006.

    "I'm the guy doing his job, you must be the other guy" <- amazing.

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    Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy yourself here.

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    Hey marciemark! Welcome to ADISC!
    Hope that you have a great time, there are a lot of nice people and great information here. Hope that you enjoy the website as much as I have. Glad to hear your parents know and support you, must be good to have understanding parents.

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    supp! Welcome to ADISC i live in a former colony of your King's (New Amsterdam)
    Anyway hope u have fun reading, writing and sharing fun facts and info to DL's all over the globe! ~ Will in New York

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