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Thread: Hello from the UK

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    Red face Hello from the UK

    Well I finished reading through all the newbie introductory materials on the site and I must say it's quite a collection of information you folks have put together.

    I feel welcome already lol

    Moving on, I知 a bit of a techno geek, I like Computers, Science, Electronics, Star Trek, Music and Space.

    I like helping people, but right now I知 looking for a bit of support from some like-minded folk at the moment.

    I知 hoping to make a good impression on this site and contribute lots of material.

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    You sound like a kid after my heart. Im very much into space myself. In fact, im considering building my own spacecraft. My goal is to get a craft with homemade materials into low earth orbit.

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    wow, you sound a lot like me, except im more for old school rock like ac/dc, metallica and such. i do how ever get into some psychedelic techno from time to time. stuff like ace ventura type deals. though the ones i listen to you probably wouldnt have heard of.

    so what do you like to do in your free time? what are some hobbies that you like to do but hardly get to do?

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    Red face lol

    Angus Young is my Guitar Legend and i do a pretty good impersonation of him to.

    Well in my spare time i like trying so practice my social skills, working on my maths, getting in to trouble with the Random Access Memory and Central Processing Unit, Playing Papa Roach, Linken Park, Evanescence, Metallica, Kings of Leon, Prodigy, Pendulum, Keyboard and watching star trek.

    When I知 not doing any of that I知 usually messing about with electronics or working on some new Theory to process data faster than light.

    Trying to be Dr Noonien Soong Father to Data. (Star Trek)

    I already built a prototype for his arm but it's a bit short, probably because it was built from the most expensive Robotic Arm kit I could find.

    But its a start.

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    that is awesome. i recently just watched the whole series of TNG. took me a while but i finally finished it. I do enjoy TNG more but i would like to watch the original with William shatner.

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    you know the Origonal series only has like three seasons in it ?

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