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Thread: Hello! Im new on this site, and looking to make some friends

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    Default Hello! Im new on this site, and looking to make some friends

    For starters, I'm 23 and married to my wonderful Wife.

    Were from AZ, and Im just looking to make some friends.

    I'm an AB/DL, and love wearing diapers. I haven't tried the Babyfur, or Diaperfur yet so thats something new you could introduce me to if you would like.

    Ive been in diapers since I was 12, on and off, though one of my older sisters caught me wearing one when i was 6.

    Turn offs would include anyone making passes at me, and pictures of you messing yourself. I dont like that, so please dont bother.

    I like video games, movies, camping, fishing, and the outdoors. Im game for just about anything fun. I love the Call of Duty's on PS3, particularly Nazi Zombies on World at War.

    I would say the craziest thing ive ever done was pee my pants in a grocery store. I made it look like an accident, but (lol) it was very interesting. No one really said anything. I just walked back to the car, and got a few stares here and there. That was fun. : )

    Do say hi, and once again im looking for friends.

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    Hello! I wouuld just like to say this isn't That kind of site so any messing or people trying to pick you up shouldn't happen. I gotta ask though what happened when your sister found you (If you don't mind my asking) my sister knows and it's kind of good.

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    Well, I was 6. It was kind of long ago. I will say I can remember her looking at me like I was wierd. She kindly had me take it off. I dont remember what happened from there. I dont remember being punished for it or anything.

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    well welcome to the forum babyjs, always glad to have an other memeber around. to bad you were not here in idaho, i would love an other fishing buddy. we got some great spots around here though the ones i really like to go to are a bit of a drive and are always better if you camp out over night for them.

    the thing about babyfur and diaperfurs...which im a DF, is they are just a part of the furry fandom. it's really hard to explain only because it seems like every time i do, there is at least one other fur that tries to correct me. my avatar is furry.

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    Hi Babyjs nice to meet you!!! What other Video games are you into? I'm a huge RPG fan, never got into the whole shooter games ^^

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    RPG games are awesome. I love the old schools more than the new. Legend of the Dragoon will stand as a legend forever. I love final fantasy VI, VII, VIII, and X. The rest kind of bore me, and I never got into them. I also love Chrono Trigger. How about you?

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    I've been addicted to FFXI since it came out, though it's really starting to bore me, I'm replaying FFVII thru IX again, VIII is my favorite by far though. I also have Skyrim to but i can't for the life of me get into it

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    Haha I have Chrono Trigger on right now. I like it a lot so far but the story is confusing.

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    oh totally! just enjoy the carnival. It doesnt matter what you do, the judge will condemn you later on anyway. Just keep playing to find out what i mean

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