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Thread: Using and laundering cloth diapers and plastic pants

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    Default Using and laundering cloth diapers and plastic pants

    Wondering what is the best way that everyone treats their cloth diapers and Plastic pants so you don;t need to wash them each day. I was trying to put them in a covered pail but that isn't working to well. The wife says I need to add water? any thought for delaying washs? don't really feel like doing each day. Thanks!

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    Generally, a good diaper pail will keep odours contained for about three days, give or take. If you're finding your diapers to be a bit strong, try rinsing them out in the shower (if they're just wet) to get some of the urine out of them, and then add some water to your pail. Again, the big thing is diluting the urine, since urine transforms into some destructive and stinky compounds if you let it sit too long (ammonia being a notable one).

    So yeah, start with rinsing and water in the pail, and see if that helps you out any.

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    I think it can work either way, but when we diapered our kids in cloth (we did it for about a year) we had a pail half full of a water/borax solution. I don't remember the exact mixture, but it seemed to work fine and didn't smell too bad (didn't smell *good* either!). We washed the diapers every 2-3 days. At that time, we had a top-loading washer, and we'd just pour the diapers, water and all, into the machine.

    You might poke around some parenting sites and see what parents are doing for their babies. Here's one link that has lots of good info:
    Cloth Diapers Pails ... Dry or Wet

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    I use cloth nappies/ diapers at night. I tend to wet pail & wash every two days unless i happen to be doing a wash anyway, but i do prefer to wash nappies separately whenever i can. When i wet pail i would have about 8-9 hourglass towelling soakers( 2 days worth) together with the outer cloth cover which i always rinse first add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to the pail & leave overnight. The following day (day2) i rinse the wet nappies /diapers & the other cover change the pail water again put a couple more drops of tea tree oil in again put all the nappies back in again leave to soak again over night. The following morning i then wash them at 60 degrees in the washing machine. I only have two covers so i canot leave it any longer than a couple of days. I then weather permitting line dry whenever i can, sometimes i have to tumble a cover to make sure i have one ready but it is a fine balance with only two covers to hand. I should really have 3 so there is always one ready. I know washing nappies/diapers can be a bit daunting but it does become easier the more you get used to it. I find it a fun thing almost naughty to see my nappies gently drying in the breeze on a beautiful summers morning & that line dryed feeling when you bring them in Another alternative is to use a laundry service if using cloth all the time but the amount i use would'nt be worth it & they would need to be local to worthwhile

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    When I wore cloth diapers all the time I washed them every two days. I kept the wash loads small because it was a lot of wear and tear on the machinery. In two days the diapers didn't get to stinking.

    Borax and water would work for longer periods, I think. In a small pail I can't imagine using more than 1/2 cup of borax, but do some poking around on the net here for better answers.

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    I wear my night diaper into my morning shower and rinse it out there. If it's day, I still rinse it out in the bath tub. Then I hang them to dry on an old shower rod I keep in the furnace room. As for plastic pants, I wash them out in the shower as well, and use dish detergent. It seems to work well. I then can wash the cloth diapers once a week in the washing machine. From there they go into the dryer.

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    Rinse and more rinse in the shower is the easy way for me. Especially rinse the plastic pants and then hang them up to dry. They will last a long time if you keep them out of the washing machine. A good sealed diaper pail will hold good for a few days and then you must wash or smell the area up

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    I put my wet diapers in the diaper pail. Empty it out once a week into washing machine. I do a pre-wash cycle, regular wash, then 2 rinses. No fabric softener, just detergent.

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    Something that has come to light recently is that the move towards using lower temperatures in washing machines may result in clothes that look clean and bright, but may not be so good for killing bacteria etc. This would be especially the case for cloth nappies/diapers or underwear - especially if messy.

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