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Thread: What are you wearing at the moment?

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    Default What are you wearing at the moment?

    There have been lots of threads about what nappy you are are wearing but what about the rest of your clothes?
    In my case I am wearing navy jogging pants, brown rugby style shirt, navy sweatshirt with a recently changed Lidl nappy underneath

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    Blue jeans and a black Biblical T-shirt.

    I wish it was a pink onesie, two Bambino's, and a butterfly pacifier. >.<

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    Red T-Shirt and blue hoodie to match my red and blue shoes, boxer briefs, jeans, and socks.

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    Purple T, black jeans, and boxers, with blck socks and awesome converse

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    Grey T-shirt "Even though the voices aren't real.... they have some pretty good ideals"
    Blue Bud Light night pants
    & a pair of Italian leather slip on shoes

    what....... i like my shoes to look good!!!! HAHA

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    A sweatshirt and sweatpants, over a wet and messy Dry 24/7 that I've had on since last night (yeah I'm just bumming around the house today) I need a change soon!

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    long underwear, insulated jeans, chucks, and a drug-rug type hoodie.
    The snows back after all the rain we've had!

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    right now...just my epidermis, it seems to be the biggest trend right now, and i find it very comfy as well.

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    still in my blue Pj's, socks and boxers

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