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Thread: Why am I here?

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    Default Why am I here?

    The title is a good question.

    Because I'm not into talking over the internet---using forums, IMs, email, VoIP. I hate it. I hate all of it. It makes it really hard to want to connect to a community when it's the only mode of communication. I'm much bigger on face-to-face, you know like they did in the old days when pogs were cool.

    But you gotta start somewhere.

    I came to this place from another forum, where I participated very little, wrote a story there and realized what the phrase "Garbage rises" meant and decided not to write anymore. Not gonna post that story here.

    So I found this place and what little hope I have left in accepting (I can't even say the word diaper out loud) this fetish because I'm tired of being ashamed, tired of being constantly at arms with it. After all I believe that these negative feelings about being AB/DL have to brought out so do the accepting, sympathetic feelings too.

    Any way there's the introductions; I'm wanting to raise some interesting questions on other boards as well.

    Oh, I guess I should list interests and stuff or whatever, but I'll share them later....maybe.

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    There's no need to be ashamed of what you are, it can be very hard at times but there is so much negative energy in this world that afflicts people that last place you need it coming from is yourself. Comfort is something that is sometimes hard to come by, but usually you have to act upon it yourself to obtain it. Keep that in mind. You'll never be happy if you constantly tell yourself that you aren't happy.

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    Lots of people share your grief with the freak/fetish feelings, but hopefully you can find what you're looking for here.

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    You are definitely not along with the feelings. I have them too along with a lot of others ... like point blanch pointed out. Be who you are and make the best of it - maybe you can even enjoy it!

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    Welcome to the site. I hope you can overcome your disdain for this kind of communication, because while it's definitely not as good as being able to talk with someone face to face, I think there's a real value to being able to converse with a wide range of people, particularly on a topic like this. With a community as widely spread and small in number as ours, there's just no way you could reasonably get to know so many in the real world.

    A lot of us, particularly the older ones, have felt the kind of guilt you're expressing and while I worked through most of it on my own over time, this place helped in ways I wasn't expecting and I hope it will be able to bring you some measure of good feeling as well.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Emigo. I hope you have fun here and learn to accept your fetish because it really isn't bad.

    It's a shame you feel that way. In all reality, AB/DL-ism isn't bad at all. What's so wrong with pretending to be a baby and wearing diapers? It's not hurting anyone and it most certainly isn't an obsession (in most cases). It's upsetting to have to hide this aspect from most other people, but there are some things others shouldn't know. It makes it more difficult to find an accepting partner, but once you do, it feels good. Just be glad you're not something worse, such as a pedophile or a sadist. AB/DL-ism is really quite innocent. :happy:

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    Hey and welcome to the site. I understand that way you feel about the fetish, because up until a short while ago I felt the same way. I hated it and was horribly embarrassed by it. Recently, I finally figured out that this was a part of me that I enjoyed and was not hurting me, and I began to accept myself due to these observations. Anyways, I hope this site will help you learn to accept yourself too.

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