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    I have been bored lately and ended up looking into something I've known I've enjoyed for a while. Service, more commonly refered to as submissive service. I don't really agree with this discription since there is no need for a D/S relationship to exist.

    Anyway a quick explanation of what service is. It sounds self explanitory but it seem like a lot of people just can't understand the concept. Service is getting enjoyment out of doing things for others without expecting anything in return (exept maybe telling you you're doing a good job). I personally do this for my friend Mandy and her boyfriend mm3 and they usually refer to me as the maid since I clean for them (I also enjoy sissifaction but that's an entirely different topic).

    Alright so my question is, does anyone else enjoy service? Whether it be through some form of community service or more like my situation.

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    people say I get taken advantage of because of that. I just like to do stuff for other people. It feels like a mission in a video game were I get some sort of satisfaction for doing things like getting food for people or helping my friends do dishes or organizing for friends (a lot of my friends aren't very organized). I never really expect anything in return either.

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    I like helping my friends out with jobs and stuff, and i dont want anything in return. I just feel better knowing that i helped them.l

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