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Thread: Outed by a stranger (kinda long!)

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    Default Outed by a stranger (kinda long!)

    I posted this here because its more about being DL than AB/BF. If I should move the post I will do so gladly :)

    Sorry for the run-on sentences.

    Online one night when a newish friend I have gotten to know through sports interests asks me out of the blue if Im a babyfur.

    He said he mentioned me to someone during a party. The stranger said something to the effect of, "Oh isnt he a babyfur?"

    I asked my friend who the person was. He said he didn't remember.

    I ran offline. This surprised my friend out whom had explicitly told me he didn't mind either way. He just wanted to find out for sure and not assume.

    I thought I was being low key about telling people but apparently word spreads. Suffice to say, it was REALLY surprising to have such a removed party know something I thought was a controlled tidbit about my private life.

    Running offline seemed like the only option. Just had no idea how to answer his question.

    My friend, being on the outside (of ab/dl) and thinking Im a babyfur. Would my explanation about the technical differences within the fetish matter? I spoke to a couple close friends about it and they just said keep it super casual : "Its comfortable"

    So armed with a reasonable answer; I re-approached my friend. First apologizing for disappearing the way I did. He promptly assured me he never wanted to make me feel uncomfortable. At that point he choose not to ask any further about the kink. Just to make sure I knew he is my friend. I was slightly deflated after preparing my answer but what a great guy! <3

    My question to all of you (whom have read this far). Has something like this happened to you?

    How do you feel about people you dont know, knowing? Taking into account that you generally aren't 'out' about diapers.

    Thanks again for reading!
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    I told someone that I had a Diaper fetish. The next day when I was hanging out with her and her friend, out of the blue I get "So tell me what your fetish is, she won't tell me any details". I had not known either of these girls for very long and the fact that I told the first one was a downright mistake. But I was young at the time and said "screw it" and told her I had a diaper fetish and that I just get turned on by wearing or other ADULTS wearing diapers. I do not hang around with that crowd anymore as we had a unrelated falling out. I don't know any of their friends and vice versa so no damage done... I hope

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    Rather than calling it a fetish, I call it a need. For me, wearing diapers truly is a need, and I imagine for all of us in the community it's a need in one way or another. Then I can be relaxed about my diaper wearing around others, and they generally don't mind, care, or think I'm a freak. You might try it sometime. Being vague instead of specific is not always a bad idea.

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    I haven't told a single person who actually knows me other than my fiance. Aside from people here. Who have no idea of who I am compared to any other woman in the world. So, I wont have to worry too much on that thank goodness.

    The idea of being outed is terrifying.

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